Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo out today

Three Speech writes:

"Don't forget to check your e-mail today, because you could be one of the lucky lucky people who got chosen at random to download the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo. Here's what you'll have access to:

Demo content:

* 1 playable track ('Raingod Spires')
* Single player & 2-player split-screen
* Offline play only

Have you got the demo yet? Have you played it yet? What's it like? The demo will be available to everyone next month, so if you didn't get lucky this time, there's always that to look forward too…"

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WhittO3599d ago

That a demo would only be available to certain people, not like its a beta.

Even if it is released to more people further down the road, that still sounds more like a beta than a demo!

Darkiewonder3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

what are you talking about? the demo will be made to everyone later. It's not fair because people that are willing to "pay" and those that don't?

somethingSQUISHY3599d ago

He just stated something which I think most people would agree with: a limited access demo is pretty stupid. It's like a very scaled down beta, since we only get one track, no online play, and invite-only access.

Darkiewonder3599d ago

he didn't have to. it's limited to who? those that buy Qore or preorder the game at Gamestop [and any other ways to get the demo now]. After that's over with the demo will be released to everyone else before the game is out.

It's a demo. What do you want? The full game download with restriction so it would feel like a "demo" then?

SullyDrake3599d ago

When it's out for all, I'll give it the ol' D/L, but for now I don't really care.

WhittO3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The main point of a demo is to give people a sample of the game, and hopefully if they like what they played in the demo they go and purchase the game.

So how does it make sense to limit the demo to only a select number of people? how is that going to reach a wide range of potential buyers?

Sort of makes the point of a demo useless.

Also, doesn't say everyone buying Quore or pre-order will get it, it states "one of the lucky lucky people who got chosen at random" (although i have heard it is meant to be available to those who purchased the episode).
But since EU cant purchase Quore, we have to wait until its realeased to everyone, unless we are "randomly selected" lol.

Darkiewonder3599d ago

The damn demo is coming. you make it sound like it's not coming to everyone. but instead you want it NOW.

SullyDrake3599d ago

It's not even a big blockbuster IMO... If it were a Resistance 2 demo, or a Dead Space demo, then I could see it mattering.

But we all know MotorStorm: Pacific Drift will be almost identical to the first, only with much improved visuals, more balanced gameplay, better physics, and more options. So the people who liked the first are getting this, demo or not.

Millah3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

wow Darkie you're sounding pretty stupid.

The point of a demo is to get it out to as many people as possible, in order to get tons of people trying the game and then rushing out to stores to buy it. Limiting access to a DEMO completely defeats the point. They are likely trying to "create" imaginary hype and demand for it by limiting access, but its still really pointless. Betas are limited because its an early look at a game for testing, demos are not supposed to be limited because its meant to give everyone a small taste of the final game in order to get people to buy it. The more people that play, the more potential buyers you have.

Darkiewonder3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I bet you're one of the people that complained about the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Demo as well huh? they did the same thing and guess what, it didn't stop sony from doing it with Motorstorm 2. XBL Gold Users have 1 week of playing it early. and others have to wait a week because they didn't want to pay for a subscription. fair? Yeah.

It's an early access demo. You want it now? buy qore or preorder. don't care for the game at all? GTFO. For everyone else, thanks for your patience.

Sure people gave early impression of the game. liked it. and the rest of the world 2 weeks later got it. played it and gave their impression. How did that turn out?

You guys are pretty funny. I hope Sony do this just for the LOL Keep the whine fest coming.

HowarthsNJ3599d ago

Read that in the US Playstation e-mail today. Not sure where else it applies.

masterg3598d ago

When is it available for download from Qore?

Darkiewonder3598d ago

when the US PSN store goes up. I don't want to give out a time as knowing Sony they'll have technical difficulties [if going by what happened to Europe earlier]

El_Colombiano3598d ago

Darki you are so close minded. A demo shouldn't be for sale. Ever. I don't care if it comes a year earlier to those who pay. I do not pay software companies to advertises their products to me, and neither should you. This is a horrible practice Sony is getting into. Also, yes, I AM one of those sensible people who saw the con in the Qore Naruto Demo. Would you go to McDonald's and buy a flyer telling you about this new Big Mac they're are coming out with? I really hope not, but from what you have displayed here. I'm scared to know the answer. Sony is really screwing up with this whole exclusivity demo idea. I hope this whole fiasco comes back and bites them in the as*. This is a dirty tactic they are borrowing from Microsoft and their Gold/Silver users, just reworked into a magazine.

Darkiewonder3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Like i said, you're still getting the demo. these are just for those that WANT to PAY for the early demo. If you don't want it now then you sure as well wait because guess what? i'm buying qore episode 4 just for the demo to piss people off. and I'll gladly keep doing it.

Funny you mention about the last statement. it didn't stop them from handing out Demo disc with the hard copy playstation magazine several years back.

P.S. If I was close minded I wouldn't have bought into the who buy for demo nonsense but instead I tried it out. Come back to me when you've done the same.

uie4rhig3598d ago


too bad nobody cares about me :( lol

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HighDefinition3599d ago

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo out today, on Qore and for randomly selected EU PSN accounts.

Kleptic3599d ago

I can understand why they use this qore purchase stuff for betas, because they only need a limited amount of people...but it is a little annoying for something like this...the demo is obviously ready, its a creep way though to get people to buy a online magazine that we have little use for...

oh well...if you don't like it...don't pay for would have been nice to get a demo like that today though...

SmokeyMcBear3599d ago

they are taking a page out of microsofts handbook... silver members get demos one week later than gold members.. so its taking that idea to the extreme.. and also includes betas

Millah3599d ago

Yea its a pretty stupid move. They're trying to generate artificial demand for both the demo and Qore. I completely understand the logic with betas, but a demo is just silly. The demo is obviously done, they should be putting it out there as soon as they can in order to maintain the momentum it has getting peoples attention and getting as many people they can to play the demo. They shouldn't risk potentially losing gamers interest having to wait an extra month, right now the interest and demand is there and by forcing people to subscribe to an e-zine or wait a month risks losing the attention they have right now.

shysun3598d ago

its the way of the world.... deal with it. If you don't want Qore go pre-order the game or just WAIT for the damn public demo. You guys cry to much.

Iceberg0323599d ago

The demo let us all know how it is!!

inthekillzone3599d ago

I got Qore,
and im at school right now and i better get the email by the time i get home or i will sh*t on my ps3

lagoonalight3599d ago

dude don't do it

doesn't work

the PS3 apparently hates when people defecate on it


dhammalama3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I'll try logging in to my eu account and see if it's different.

@edit - Nope, no luck.

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