Christopher Judge Visits Stargate Worlds Studios

Stargate SG-1 actor Christopher Judge visited Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's game development studio to check out Stargate Worlds last week. Judge played the part of Teal'c -- the Jaffa warrior on the SG-1 team -- for the entire run of the TV series and in the movies The Ark of Truth and Continuum, and has appeared on Stargate Atlantis as well.

Members of the development teamed gushed about how awesome he was on the Stargate Worlds community site. "I wouldn't have thought I was the type to get embarrassed and feel like a blushing teenage girl (no offense to blushing teenage girls) when meeting a star like Christopher Judge but apparently I totally am," said one of the team members. The team got the impression that Judge was "SUPER excited" about the game.

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vitz33481d ago

Christopher Judge is awesome. Stargate is the best sci-fi franchise ever. I hope this game does it justice.

Lucreto3481d ago

I agree Christopher Judge is awesome and agree about Stargate being the best ever.


JustinSaneV23481d ago

I've never been big into sci-fi but Stargate is the only series to date that I have ever enjoyed watching. Don't mean to offend anyone but it doesn't have that "lame" factor that Star Trek, Bablyon 5, Battlestar, etc always seemed to have to me.

The Nox episodes were always some of my favorite. :D


Muddyalcapones3481d ago

i hope you mean the original BSG when you said battlestar was lame... THe new one kicks the ass of any TV drama sci-fi or otherwise.

ShiftyLookingCow3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Stargate was fun to watch but Atlantis sucked in its later seasons. I like BSG but it isn't that much sci fi just a whole lot of fighting, and I really hate Kara Thrace, her face is like a crumpled ball of paper most of the time. Star Trek series is the best, esp tribbles in DS9. Who can beat Morn?

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fezthabest3481d ago

I love stargate, especially stargate Atlantis. Cant wait until this game comes out.

Justin i totally agree with you im not a big sci-fi guy either but both stargates have that perfect balance of intelligence/comedy/action etc.

AND i cant belive Stargate atlantis is going to be done in 5 SEASON !!!!! NOOOOOOOO its too good :(

jerethdagryphon3481d ago

top series top actor

you know actors like there job when they stay for 10 years 2 films and a hand full of cameos in a spinnoff

judge will always be teal'c now thats the risk of such long running series

ahh well :)

DarkBlood3481d ago

Theres a game for this sweet can't wait for it i wonder wat console this will come on. this is actually the first sc fi i seriously took interest apart from star wars which almost anyone can easly like but this show is more like in our time and much more reality to me

ShiftyLookingCow3480d ago

good old Tealc, I hope they can pull this off.