Xbox’s Phil Spencer on Alan Wake 2: Remedy “has to want to make the game”

Stevivor -- "Remedy and Microsoft are like ships passing through the night when it comes to the sequel."

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PhoenixUp780d ago

Remedy know an Alan Wake 2 wouldn't be a huge seller, so they're not Microsoft are in a rush to produce a sequel

AngelicIceDiamond780d ago

Alan Wake 2 is the game most people wanted from Remedy was actually allot of fun but Alan Wake 2 is THAT games fans want.

sho0ok780d ago

The game was very entertaining, however I got mixed reviews which affected the sales.

If they gonna bring it back, they need to make it right to get the money going for them.

Note4everyone: stop using the word " cringe worthy", it's stupid.

Jon_Targaryen779d ago

Remedy takes TOO long making games each generation... They only made Alan Wake and American nightmare last gen... Whats the bet that Quantum break will be their only game this gen too... I'm not betting on seeing anything new from them again anytime soon.

cfc83779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Think they were at least a year into another game when quantum break released. One of the remedy guys also spoke at a conference about how it will be easier for them to release a game every few years. Don't be suprised to see a new multi plat remedy game by late 2018, or q1 2019.

Summons75779d ago

If they didn't feel they wanted to finish the story then maybe they shouldn't have left a massive excuses. Just admit, it didn't do as well as MS wanted they gave them a chance with the terrible XBLA game and now we can't get it because MS won't payout. The devs have stated they would love to go back to Alan Wake, fans have been begging for it, so let them make what they want.

slate91778d ago

Lets believe conspiracy theories and our own opions over what the head of xbox actually says! Talking out of our asses is fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.