Microsoft Admits What Went Wrong with Vista, and How They Fixed It

Maximum PC sat down with Microsoft to hear the company's side of the Vista story. What lessons have been learned following the worst Windows launch in the company's history? Is Microsoft doing enough to regain PC users' faith?

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Harry1903600d ago

with Vista. Well, it can be a bit slow at times, but it's not a major worry.

Disclaimer: I have never used any OS before or since then, so I am not really qualified to provide an experienced analysis. Just saying that I have no real problem for my everyday use.

vitz33600d ago

If Linux had games, you'd switch instantly. I guarantee it.

HighDefinition3600d ago

It`s take ALOT for a BIG company to admit they were wrong.

Learn from your mistakes MS. (360 and Vista)

PikkonX3600d ago

I've used Vista since its first beta releases and I have never had any issues with it. I think one thing that turns many users away from the OS is that their first experience with it is on one of these new laptops that come loaded with bloatware. Companies like Dell just add so many unimportant programs that run at start up and eat the rest of the ram that Vista isn't using. On a clean install, Vista is really not much different from XP, experience-wise.

sack_boi3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I have a PC with 4gb ram, Q6600... and Vista Ultimate SP1; it's the best OS I've ever used ( I started with Win95 10yrs ago) and Linux is too complicated for me.

3600d ago
ThanatosDMC3599d ago

You need a 1gb of ram minimum to keep vista by itself running without too much hiccups.

1.2gb with bloatware.

2gb and above if you want games, image/video editing, etc.

Vista just made us upgrade our computers unnecessarily since XP could use more of the ram with other things. I recently bought a tx2500 from HP and too many background programs are running. I'm not sure if i should close any... which sucks!

nieto3599d ago

not only ram ThanatosDMC, Vista needs quite a lot more processing power than Xp so a 2.2Ghz Dual core, 2GB ram and a 8600GT for aero are necessary to run it properly. but when you have a comp with those specs or higher then Vista runs faster and it is more stable than Xp or any other OS. besides those specs are pretty cheap now... if you built one yourself it should be less than $700.

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DavidMacDougall3600d ago

They where to busy spying on another pc company and walked into a wall and the outcome was vista

chaosatom3600d ago

MUCH better than Vista.

militant073600d ago

sounds good microsoft learned 2 thing,vista, and red ring of death.
i hope they fix both of it on next project.

rebirthofcaos3600d ago

yea rgiht¿¿¿ they fix it, then why still people thinks that vista is crap?

trancefreak3600d ago

the only gripe i had with vista was the nvidia g80 and the display driver crash in the beginning. Since then ive had no real issues with vista.
Personally vista has been running strong for me without hicups

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