Square-Go: Space Siege Review

Square-Go Writes:

"The controls are poorly laid out and very basic, giving the player little chance to mix up their gaming style and keep them entertained. The dodge function is equally uninspired. Forcing the player to dodge forward into a hail of frothy alien bodily-fluid is not good design. There is also no difficulty setting, no real player choice in how the story progresses, and the enemy AI is ostentatiously stupid."

"Space Siege is a game that tries to be an RPG and a shooter, and fails at both. There are not enough shoot-y parts to keep your average gun-crazed FPS fan's attention, and not enough development or storyline to keep an RPG fan from switching off. It is simply the inbred, deformed, bastard child of both: humorous to look at, but horrible to play. The storyline is linear and uninspired and the voice acting is hideous. If you want an RPG Shooter, go play Mass Effect."

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