Square-Go: Infinite Undiscovery Review

Square-Go Writes:

"This can all get extremely confusing at times, and there is some horrible slow-down, taking away the slick feel of battles. The voice acting can be horrendous as well, as the character's mouths don't move in time with what they are saying. A minor niggle perhaps, but it makes even the most serious cut-scenes a bit of a joke. Also annoying is the way the characters shout out the names of their special moves. This is fine the first five times, but when you are using them lots in each fight, it does begin to grate."

"All in all, however, this is a fine game and will easily steal several hours of your life. It looks gorgeous, painting a world full of colour and life. If you can get beyond the hammy acting and often grinding combat, you will unearth one of the 360's best role-playing titles. "

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