Everything you need to know about the Xbox 360 dashboard update

The New Xbox Experience is due any week now. According to TechRadar, this is what we can expect

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DavidMacDougall3596d ago

There is no point updating this old piece of hardware it would be like putting new deck chairs on the titanic

Mr_Bun3596d ago related one epic failure to another!

TheXgamerLive3596d ago

The updates are going to be incredible and this older system as you wanna put it still kicks that overweight POS ps3 that you have wannabe.

Continuously, ps3 wannabe's like him continue to run to anything and everything Xbox related like a cat in heat. Damn if ya love it that bad go ahead and buy one fool.It's ok, I won't tell.

Mr_Bun3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

or trying to educate XGamer ...or Freckler

Freckler3596d ago

Pathetic little houseflies aren't they.

kapedkrusader3596d ago

...the true "Wannabe" is the xbox 360 taking from both the Wii's Avatars and the PS3's Home. LOL!!! 8 people, they call that a party?!!

Mr_Bun3596d ago

I guess you could argue that I am like a fly where I am attracted to $hit...that is why I am trolling articles based around the 360!

Freckler3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

You PS3 fanboys know that you are miserably pathetic, so why make it worse by lieng to everyone by disagreeing, or even worse than that lieing to yourself. Why not do what the Japanese would do in this situation and commit hara kiri in a circle of candles, with wafts of smoky incense filling your nostrils? Atleast you would save face, instead of dragging out such a miserable lonely existence. I understand that the ps3 has no games, and your loins are ripped asunder by the blu-ray player firmly lodged in your rectum. But try to understand, this was exactly what you wanted. Yes, I know this all makes you equivalent to the wife in a prison romance. But I say to you, Rise up from your excrement filled cesspool, and face your fears of enjoying life, remove the ps3 from betwixt your cheeks and step out into the beautiful sunrise that is the 360.

Mr_Bun3596d ago

...All I have to say to that is...Wow...I was sure that "incense" was spelled with 2 s's!

Freezingduck3596d ago

Listen to your heart...rofl...homo...

Alpha_Gamer3596d ago

Over the summer, my heart was telling me to get a ps3. now, looking at you post, I realize that following my heart would have led me to get a homo system...the ps3.

KBDuB3595d ago

Uhm, idiot.. The PS3 doesn't even allow you to have cross-game chat. Wtf, seriously?

And, you're dissing an 8-party, where you're all allowed to chat cross-game? Haha. You're funny.

kapedkrusader3595d ago

...that's because I'm in the Home Beta and I know what's coming to ya!LOL!!! Get ready for a spanking.ROFL

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Freckler3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Must be a slow news day, that wasn't anywhere near "all you need to know" depth. I almost feel like I could have revealed something to this guy. I thought that they would atleast go into details, this was just a guy mumbling 4 week old information to himself.

JustinSaneV23596d ago

I'm pretty sure this is what's going to motivate me to finally sell my Xbox 360 Elite and buy a PS3...

dachiefsman3596d ago

seriously? A more functional and user find interface is going to press you into buying a PS3. This makes no sense, but hey whatever.

JustinSaneV23596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

To be honest I've been meaning to sell my Xbox 360 for a while now. It's an awesome system and all but it's about time to explore the PS3 now and play what it has to offer. Call of Duty 4 is pretty much the only game I've been playing on the 360 as of late.

In regards to the "motivation" I spoke of earlier: I like a lot of the features that are coming out with the new dashboard update but the avatars are completely turning me off. If I wanted to play with dolls I would have bought a Wii. Outside of that the rest of the new features just don't hold me to keeping my Xbox 360 any longer.

AAACE53596d ago

If that's what you want to do, then go and get a Ps3! It seems like the logical thing to do, since you don't like your 360 anymore.

I suggest keeping the 360 and just buying a Ps3. In the past I have repurchased the same system because I would get rid of one because the other looked more appealing to me. And then have to buy it again because it started having more games for me to play.

I don't know if this could possibly happen to you, but I just wanted to point that out!

JustinSaneV23596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I love my Xbox but I've played all the games I've wanted to play on it (except for BK:N&B and L4D). I just think it's time to move on to the PS3 and try out games like MGS4, Resistance, GT5:P, Warhawk, Uncharted, etc.

No hard feelings towards Microsoft! (well except for maybe the avatars lol)

lowcarb3596d ago

Then by a PS3 if you truly think that's where the fun is at. I've been gaming for years and for the life of me can't see this so called value in the PS3 as far as gaming goes. I would never drop my 360 for one of those and wish you the best of luck.

JustinSaneV23595d ago

Once I'm done with the PS3 I'll either sit it out until the next-gen arrives or go back to the Xbox 360 to play with my friends since they don't own PS3s.

Willio3595d ago

Im pro-sony all the way but dont sell your xbox360. You can always rent MS exclusive games. $8 bucks at blockbuster can last u a month on 1 game if you are willing to risk the credit 30day policy.

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