Japanese devs aren't stupid

JC Barnett is the nom de plume of a video games developer working and living in Japan: "However frustrated I get sometimes it is good to know there are Japanese developers, of actual importance and status, who seemingly pretty much agree with me. It's a little confirmation that makes me glow on the inside and reminds me that, even though my tone may be condescending and bitter at times, I am not pulling all this out of my arse."

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Harry1903417d ago

though is amazing with Japanese developers is that they always give you a finished product.(I base this statement on my personal experience). Even if the game is very average or even pure ****, you still get the feeling that there are no missing parts. In terms of creativity, they are also still far ahead.

I certainly can't understand this general feeling that seems to be seeping in about the Japanese falling behind in the technical department. Just one look at Capcom's MT Framework engine should suffice to stop the bickering. The White Enigine/Crystal Tools could also be cited or even the amazing work that went in MGS4. I fail to see how MGS 4 is being completely forgotten when it comes solely to the technical aspect of things.

Now,talking about creativity,as the author points out, I still think the Japanese are unrivaled. The only problem is that the games that are really worth it and provide innovative features appear only on a less mediatized console/support. Obviously, Rhythm Heaven will not have the same media coverage as let's say LBP even though both games feature some very promising mechanics. No one talks about how Hotel Dusk or No More Heroes or even The World Ends with You bring something new and refreshing to the industry. Everyone is talking about Fallout 3 and flying limbs and gore instead. It also depends on your perspective.

Obviously,you can't expect unflinching support from more 'westernized' media outlets for japanese made products. They think that they have been playing the same old type of game coming from Japan for the last 20 years...I can't see how they dare say that. For example: JRPGs,many complain about the supposedly 'tired cliches' that come around. Maybe it's not really what the majority think. I for one love those tired cliches. I grew up liking them and won't ever get tired of it. Gaming is not about portraying real life, it should not be about this ''auteur' type of vibe which has invaded cinema. It should be over the top and provide a real egress for the mind and imagination. That is what Japanese developers have mastered.I can barely say I felt the same ever again after seeing Aeris die or Nanaki with his children running around in a Western game.

Sure, you have WRPGS,Strategy games, MMOs and FPS and TPS, but those get old even faster. For me, it's just a passing fad which will be stymied by oversaturation in the near future.

Maybe the Japanese have hit a plateau right now, but it is not really that worrying. You don't try to teach old dogs new tricks.