Videogamer: 'Barely a quarter' of Banjo revealed

Rare says the game is 'immense' and they've only touched on what it has to offer:

Speaking to VideoGamer at a recent Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts press day, Rare's lead technical artist Neill Harrison and senior animator Elissa Miller have teased fans with news that there's plenty of the game still to reveal.

"There are two entire game worlds that nobody has seen yet - we might be revealing those at Tokyo," said Miller. "The thing is, it's such a massive game that what we've shown so far is barely a quarter of the actual experience. It's an immense game, which makes it quite hard to develop, but it also means there's loads to see and do... we've barely touched on it."

Harrison added: "There are lots of components we've not shown off yet. And there are over 100 challenges - we've only ever shown off a handful of them."

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