Edge: Inside Fable II

Edge writes: "Remember when the idea of choice in videogames sounded impossibly liberating? It's been a while since that heady concept really conjured up excitement. A succession of disappointing titles that offered little more than stop-start moments in the midst of the usual mechanics struck the first blow; the adoption of this method of 'choice' in titles as distinct as Mass Effect and Overlord seemed to set a standard that, for all its competence, never felt anything more than standard; the freedom that Elite had hinted could become videogames' future evolved into little more than binary variants and narrow narratives."

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elitewh0re3540d ago

although he over-talks about his games a tad,
you can't help but admire his passion :)

fufotrufo3540d ago

I wish this game gets it right ..not just for helping the 360..but for their big effort of bringing something different to the table.

3540d ago
die_fiend3539d ago

Me 2, looks like it'll be so sweet. I've never played the first but from hearing every1 say it was disappointing and it stlil getting really high scores, can't help but look forward 2 this when it's supposed to do everything the first one promised but failed to deliver. In case you didn't realise, Edge is one of the worst magazines ever, it gives the most ridiculously low reviews for most games which are way out of line with any1 else

AngryXbot3539d ago

People still talk about flopple 2?

The 10 hour long RPG with technical issues?

The RPG with the 16 bit era storyline?
The game with the stale animations and fighting? Ho, ho, ho, even turnbased battles have more depth than flopple 2 fighting system.