The 5 Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies

Of course there's Pyramid Head. Of course.

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DeadManMMX634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

This list is awful I'm sorry. Nemesis, RE Remake Zombie which turns into Crimson head unless beheaded or burned, Xenomorph, Scissorman and the Regenerator from Dead Space. Order however you wish. These are Style and substance. Silent hill enemies weren't what made the game scary. It was mostly music and setting. Pyramid head looks cool but he is damn near helpless when you fight him. He doesn't stalk you and make you run and hide for your life like Nemesis, Scissorman, Xenomorph and the Regenerator do by being dangerous and capable and unstoppable. Nor do they put you on edge about about whether they are lurking just out of sight in the next room you enter. Or whether that corpse you killed an hour or so ago will rise up and run you down.