PALGN: The Last Guy Review

Review by Tristan Kalogeropolous:

"There's something inexplicably enjoyable about gazing upon an aerial photo or satellite image of a built up urban centre. The sheer amazement on the faces of people, from slightly literate 4 year olds all the way to the most decrepit of adults, as they zoom around the world using Google Earth is testament to this. Streets that crisscross between familiar structures and that guy across the road from you, passed out drunk on his nature strip, all merge together in a familiar set of metropolitan patterns, yet seem so unfamiliar, so alien, when viewed from above. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan seems to have acknowledged the strange glee that these airborne happy snaps elicit and using them as a background for collection and evasion gameplay, they have created The Last Guy. Filled with bucket loads of quirky charm, this unique game succeeds in offering up yet another great downloadable gem to those perusing the PlayStation Network."

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