MotorStorm Pacific Rift crosses the finish line October 28th

+ Posted by David Bull // Product Marketing Specialist, SCEA

Hi Everyone! I'm happy to announce the official release date for MotorStorm Pacific Rift is October 28th, 2008.

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Jamie Foxx3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

same month as LBP thats going to hinder sales for either game because not everyone can afford two or three games in one month and motorstorm has many fans,me included

too many blockbusters out in october

Brixxer6003598d ago

Ain't that the truth !

Far Cry 2, LBP, Fallout3, Motorstorm, Midnight Club LA, how can you choose ?

I've already got Fallout, Far Cry and LBP pre-ordered and i'm wondering how i will get enough time to play those.

MURKERR3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


pain777pas3598d ago

My pockets looking to be thin that month but would we really want it any other way plus Wipeout may be coming end of Sept so I'll ready for this too at the end of October.

vitz33598d ago

I PRAY! That the damn rubber-band A.I. is toned down. That was my biggest complaint about the first.

Mr_Bun3598d ago

I'm just happy it has split-screen...being able to race against your friend on the same console is rare these days!

blusoops3598d ago

Waaaay tooo many games in October this yr for PS3....

Late Sept: Wipeout HD
MotorStorm PR
ROCK BAND 2 ($169)

Early Nov: Resistance 2

I know there's lots more games but those are the ones i'll be getting. hopefully my wallet will be left alone for the majority of Nov and Dec of this yr!!! I'll have plenty to play, that's for sure!!

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Silogon3598d ago

Motorsotrm would've been great if they

A- had better bike and ATV physics. As in, they actually controlled like the source material and not trucks.


B- Didn't have bikes and ATV's in it to begin with. The bikes were usless in the game and they didn't control worth a damn. They should be much more loose and more accessible. You should be able to manuver the bikes much easier from side to side and they should be able to turn sharply as well. Try turning the bikes, man. They make wide swooping truns like a truck or car. It's stupid.

Kleptic3598d ago

I never cared for the ATVs as much, but the bikes never bothered me...but honestly, when was the original motorstorm ever about realism?...its a ridiculously intense arcade racer...

Tourist Trophy got bike handling physics down perfectly...and it was one of the most boring racing games I ever played (although that type of gameplay works perfectly for me in GT, I guess I am a 'car guy'...)...

but what do you mean they 'handle like trucks'? get a bike in mud, and you are fecked...which makes sense...the trucks can plow right through it...the bikes just skip across it helplessly, which is why the whole point is to take routes that do not have the deep mud...

Sevir043598d ago

holy molely

too manny block busters,

LBP oct 8th

Socom: october 16th

dead space october 14th

bioshock october 30th

and Motorstorm october 28th

geeze leave my wallet alone

i guess i'll be skipping socom and bioshock next month

LBP Dead space and Motorstorm:PR and then i'll wait a few more days and have resistance 2 and naruto and V.Chronicles from sega also comes out in october... My goodness thats too many games in one month

Brixxer6003598d ago

Forgot about SOCOM, i've got that pre-ordered too, i'm not happy that i'll have to miss Dead Space, MCLA and Fable 2 but i'll get those usede eventually.

Take into account though that Resistance 2 and GOW2 are due a couple of weeks later and i start to wonder if i'm going to have to miss some out.

Daver3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

wrong place

pain777pas3598d ago

Damn Socom I have to get that to get the damn bluetooth. This is getting worse by the second. In a great way!!!!!!!!

Drekken3598d ago

its a good month to get the Blockbuster game pass!

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Meus Renaissance3598d ago

There's no way I can afford,

Resistance 2

All in a month.

Sevir043598d ago

"Head on over to GameStop and pre-order your copy today to receive the retailer-exclusive demo for MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Race against the computer or grab a buddy for some split-screen heart-pounding action on one of the exciting “Air” Tracks. More pre-order programs will be announced in the coming weeks."

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