IncGamers: Spore Review

Having played it for a week, Spore has come up with some surprises. IncGamers' Paul Younger has written down his thoughts and impressions. Here's an excerpt:

The premise behind Spore is to create a civilisation from the ground up starting with the Cell Phase. In fact it's so in-depth that you start out as a single celled organism swimming about in murky pools which makes up the first part of the game. By eating your way to a new level and picking up body enhancements you can add new body bits to your organism.

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Dorjan3573d ago

It does feel like Spore could get boring quite quickly...

Leord3573d ago

7.9? That seems low, the game looked pure awesomesauce... =/

Penis monsters for the win! =D

syrinx3572d ago

Enough with the penis monsters already :p