IncGamers: PDC World Championship Darts Unplayed

Lee Tharjick is back with another insight into a game he hasn't played. This week Lee looks at the PDC Darts game that was first released two years ago, and he's spoken to the PDC directly to find out why they would endorse such a game.

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Wuushu3568d ago

Gotta read this one, LT is my favorite reviewer at Incgamers :P

Leord3568d ago

Hehe, it's so refreshing reading reviews from people that haven't played the game than the opposite. So void of the "I'm-so-important" attitude of many reviewers on the web...

Dorjan3568d ago

Time to go down to the pub for some RL R&R!

Leord3568d ago

BTW, are they really calling up places in the articles, or are they just faking it? Can't see the point in faking it, so I assume it's real, hehe.

syrinx3568d ago

Darts, whatever next? Fat blokes chucking pins at a board.

TheColbertinator3568d ago

Wow,a Darts game thats actually good.