Gamasutra - SOE's Wilson Talks Connected PC, PS3 Game Worlds

Sony Online Entertainment's working on massively multiplayer shooter The Agency for both PlayStation 3 and PC, which raises a lot of interesting questions about developing an online game for both platforms at once.

For example, with both versions underway for both PC and PlayStation 3, could players on both platforms interact in the same game world?

SOE is indeed considering it, says executive producer Wilson -- "In fact, we're actually doing that at the office. Technology-wise, it's really not that complicated."

But there are three key barriers he says stand in the way. First is game exploitability -- Wilson uses the example of the high quantity of hacks in a PC shooter like Counter-Strike to describe how it's significantly more difficult to secure a PC online title than it is on a console's closed platform, and maintaining the safety across platforms presents a challenge. "Being able to manage that is no simple task," he says.

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