Too much hype

Jason Hill writes: "If you've been left underwhelmed by Wii Wright's magnificent evolution simulator Spore, perhaps the reason is that you were simply expecting too much. After all, few games are as ambitious or have such a breathtaking scope.

But games pumped up by the hype machine can often be crushing disappointments, as acknowledged by Games God Wright in a recent interview with Game Informer magazine when he was asked about the "impossibly high expectations" some people had for Spore.

"I think it's too much hype," Wright admitted. "About a year ago, we were realising how much hype we were getting and we decided we should start to say that it's going to suck just to de-hype it.

"When people don't know much about something, they tend to fill in the blanks the way you want them to be filled in. That's true of almost anything.

"Then, when the actual thing comes out some people will be disappointed that it's not 'hardcore enough' or it's not 'easy enough' or that we didn't do this or that. We've gotten to that point any additional hype isn't serving us well. It's a concern."

It's only natural that publishers and developers want to talk up their latest creations, sharing their enthusiasm for their projects and maximising sales."

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