ONM Review: Dragon Quest: Chapters Of The Chosen

There's no getting away from the fact that Dragon Quest: Chapters Of The Chosen is as old as the hills. Possibly even older, in fact, to the point where it looks at the hills and remembers when they only came up to its kneecaps, before banging its walking stick on the ceiling and telling the whippersnappers upstairs to turn their newfangled music down.

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PS360WII3542d ago

Hmm another lowered score because they don't make the game easy :( Sorry some people don't want an easy walk through on games and a big red arrow pointing out your next mission. Many random battles to fight through :) yes please and with that a possible random encounter that could kill you off and leave you with half your money or have you go back to your last save a few hours ago! That's the price of dying in game ^.- least it was...