PlayStation Home: videos from the Closed Beta

XTREME PS3 have uploaded several videos showing off PlayStation Home (extended closed beta). The videos show the character customization options, home space customization, the central plaza and game spaces. It's worth checking these out if you are not part of the beta.

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KillahCam3599d ago

Yeah link doesn't work Can this story

THC CELL3599d ago

This will be the Killer app of any console
can not wait any longer

Please stop showing lol

cant wait to meet some of the N4G crew

Blackmoses3599d ago

any of them currently in the BETA? If so Hit me up PSN: Blackmoses11


marinelife93599d ago

Home really is a lot of fun as far as interacting with other people. I've met at least a dozen new friends online. They still need to turn on a lot of the features and watching the same trailers gets boring.

They definitely need to add a pack of cards so when people come over to hang out at your apartment or house you can play a little poker.

winlonghorn3599d ago

^^^People are given the privilege to test this great app and they go and leak information from it. Whoever does this type of thing deserves to be banned! There is an NDA for a reason! Too much leaking will cause delays!! Do you want it released sooner or do you want it released later? Doing this will certainly cause problems. I hope sony finds out who is doing this. :( :(

JD_Shadow3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

You do realize that Sony IS allowed to let some people in the press (or people that could've asked permission before doing these things) be able to release some stuff to keep hype going, right? How does "leaking" matter as to when something gets released? That's news to me.

This sounds like you are trying to use this "NDA" thing as a weapon for some reason rather than being sincerely for following any rules.

ofx3603598d ago

If this was that important to sony this video, and all the others would be down by now. I guess sony likes the hype, weird huh.

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THC CELL3599d ago

Xbox live killer coming soon cant wait

How do u like them apples PP aka Playstation Power

PotNoodle3599d ago

You make me ashamed of owning a ps3.

ToastyMcNibbles3599d ago

sony taking online gaming to a whole other level...i love it

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