Linger in Shadows Pushed Back to October

Linger in Shadows release date pushed back to October.
Third time this happens with this game.

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Silogon3596d ago

Is this even a game? I thought it was like an interactive demo/movie thing. More like Dragon's Lair than anything. Don't get me wrong, I love Dragon's Lair and would no doubt give this a go if it was like it.

Fishy Fingers3596d ago

It's basically a demoscene, people have made these for years now, originally designed as a way to push a certain piece of hardware. While it may look like a[tech] demo/movie everything is done in realtime.

Check out the links I posted over in the Gamer Zone, you might find them interesting.

Also, just search for demoscene and check out some of the history of the art, people were making them on the Spectrum >_<

3596d ago
Fishy Fingers3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Disappointing but I think the wait will result in a better product. Demoscene's take a lot of work and Plastic (one of the best in the business) should not be rushed.

Some interesting Linger details ~

Plastic's site ~ http://kolos.math.uni.lodz....

mfwahwah3596d ago

Not just Plastic that shouldn't be rushed. All of the demoscene groups involved shouldn't be rushed. Nor should Santa Monica for that matter.

Fishy Fingers3596d ago

No, a demo refers to a demonstration of a finished article. A demoscene is a realtime interactive experience that were original designed to maximise a piece of hardware. Teams of developers have been make them for years, even back on in the Spectrum days.

Spend 10 minutes with google, there's plenty of info on "demoscenes" out there, I havent checked but maybe if you hit up youtube you maybe able to find some earlier examples running on different hardwares.

(Id look for you but cant access youtube at work)

MvmntInGrn3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Not surprised September would mean 2 big releases on PSN, Wipeout HD and this, they most likely want to spread them out a bit more.

Fine by me, October is shapping up to be an expensive month though. Motorstorm 2, LBP, Dead Space, Bioshock, this. My wallet is crying but it makes me so happy!

dkgshiz3596d ago

They said it on g4. Its a really strange game though.

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