MK Achievement List Reveals Unannounced Characters

x360a writes:

"Moments ago we unveiled the achievements for the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe title. As we do with every new achievement list, we like to go through and see what's what. To our delight, the new Mortal Kombat list actually unveils the cast for the upcoming title, some of which were previously unannounced. Kind of shocked we know, but here's the list in its entirety, all 22 characters which is what Midway told us for our preview."

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KillahCam3596d ago

How the hell will his fighting Mechanics work he's not a bruiser, he has no powers he's a mastermind, this will definitely be interesting I tell you that.

mfwahwah3596d ago

Technically, they had the same problem with Joker, and he's shaping up pretty well.

AssassinHD3596d ago

Yeah because it isnt like Lex ever wore a war suit or created the Everyman Project or anything.

Panthers3596d ago

Batman too. No powers. Just technology.

AssassinHD3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Technology and martial arts.

Edit: Unless you count the Dark Lantern.

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lagoonalight3596d ago

Great for baraka fans....

rhood0223596d ago

While I like the MK characters they chose, although there is no Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, or Reptile, the DC characters, outside of the Trinity, GL, Flash, Darkseid and Deathstroke, are not as impressive.

1. Shazam? Will probably be a "palette" swap of Superman just without the heat vision and freeze breath.
2. Catwoman? Well, at least the three people who buy the (canceled) comic will be happy.
3. Joker? Loved his fatality vid but he's never been a physical fighter and his moves look...lame.
4. Luthor? I get why they included him, but "Battlesuit" Lex or "Everyman" Lex will be another palette swap Superman.

I really hope there are secret characters--a Goro/Doomsday hybrid, Johnny Cage, or Parallax? Or, at least several costumes for the the characters and multiple fatalities.

AssassinHD3596d ago

I think they are missing an opportunity here by not including the Dark Lantern (Batman w/ GL's powers for those who do not know). I mean what is a fighting game without one way overpowered character?

Also, for those who can't tell, I am not really being serious.

rhood0223596d ago

I would support the Dark Lantern. Or Even the Sinestro Corp Batman...btw...

why the frak is there no SINESTRO?

rhood0223596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Boss character--

Goro/Doomsday hybrid.

Wait and see.


Kintaro/Doomsday hybrid.

MK_Red3596d ago

Shao Kahn is in. Hell yeah.

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