PS3 RPGs – The Ones to Watch before New Year

2008 has been an incredibly strong year for RPG fans, and the Playstation 3 is no exception to this onslaught of high quality, high budget titles. Despite the fact some fans and console war propagandists have been screaming out that the Xbox 360 has taken over as RPG heaven thanks to Microsoft throwing their weight and money around, the PS3 still has several RPGs that match and even rival the Xbox 360 line-up. PS3 owners have already been treated to the awesome Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, share Enchanted Arms with the 360 and have another exclusive RPG property in Folklore.

But there's more! Check out what PS3 owning RPG fans have to look forward to in what remains of 2008.

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Darkiewonder3450d ago

you know the list is bad if they had to add enchanted arms.

I'm sorry but that's just so wrong.

AP3450d ago

Well, Enchanted Arms isn't in the top 3 anticipated games... it's just mentioned as one of the PS3 RPGs avaliable. And it's got a really fun battle system - it's a shame the graphics and plot suck.

3450d ago
HardcoreGamer3450d ago

but it feels as if they were making the ps3 sound so bad for rpgs , i know it may sound daft but i beleive it so, as they put enchanted arms in that list

kevnb3450d ago

If you thought that was bad, don't even think of buying Eternal Sonata.

3450d ago
barom3450d ago

What's wrong with Eternal Sonata? It looks good. If I had a 360 I probably would have bought it (or would've if it was 20-30$)

BigPenguin3449d ago

You said you could not get 2 hours through it because the characters sucked. I agree completely, and luckily they kill them off(well, you stop using them and they only appear sporadically, one of them disappearing until the very last cutscene) after about 5 hours :P The gameplay also is pretty changed up.


I really liked the gameplay later on though, it became almost like a SRPG with the way you had to tactically place your guys. Horrible graphics though, bad plot(but it actually had a few new idea's that I liked thrown into the cliched storyline) and some of the worst voice acting ever though kind of made the game overall pretty meh. I still beat it though, because I was in an RPG drought 2 years ago. And honestly, its not even in the top 20 worst RPGs I have played.

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SixTwoTwo3450d ago

Valkyria Chronicles, Fallout 3, Eternal Sonata, Sacred 2, and Rise of the Argonauts all available this fall. Now can we finally stop saying the PS3 has no RPG's.

Sangria3450d ago

Is Rise Of The Argonauts a RPG? I saw only one video and it seemed to me to be a GoW-like.

Harry1903450d ago

Rise of the Argonauts is an rpg and from the looks of things, it looks excellent. People should also take a look at Sacred which looks really really good.

zypher3450d ago

PS3 hardly has any EXCLUSIVE jrpgs. Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3 are the only exclusive jrpg coming in the near future; compared to 360 currently available ToV and Infinite Undiscovery, and the soon to be release Star Ocean IV (still boggles my mind how Sony let that series slip) and Last Ramnent (timed-exclusive). PS3 still has WKC (my most awaited jrpg this generation) and FFXIII Versus, but at this point those are distant-future. hopefully TGS brings with it firm release dates for both, as well as confirmation of Dark Cloud 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

khellendros13450d ago

I have to clear out my selection of games so I can get ready for these games. I have a lot of games that I haven't beat yet. I have a copy of Folklore that I haven't opened yet. There's just not enough time to play everything.

nice_cuppa3450d ago

other than valkarie cronicles all are on 360 !
How does this even come close let alone rival the rpgs offered to 360 gamers by end 2008 ?

InMyOpinion3450d ago

But...but...All RPGs on teh 360 are teh flopzorz!

3450d ago
Drekken3450d ago

3 stooges... floppin your way to feeling better.

clintos593450d ago

Folklore (Was a flop in reviews but a very good game in my opinion and underrated)
Disgaea 3 (I havent played this game yet and im sure I will when it hits the US since I am huge fan of SRPG's)
White Knight Chronicles (One of the most anticipated JRPG's out there)
Final Fantasy 13 Versus (This looks to be more bad a$$ then FF13)
KH3 (Most likely since it has been a ps2 franchise and successful on the ps2 which makes me believe will be a ps3 exclusive)
New Team Ico Game (Anything from this team will be gold and triple A and will definately be a classic)

Are all also on the 360? Dont get me wrong, the 360 has had tons of jrpg's no doubt about it, and some of them were good, but not spectacular. Out of all of them, Tals of V. is the best jrpg to come out on the 360 which doesnt hold a candle to what Team Ico is about to unleash. Heck I think even White Knighte Chronicles will be better.

Ill admit the ps3 is laggin in jrpg's but there coming and most of them will be high quality ones aswell. Remember quality over quantity. U can have all the jrpg's u want on your system but if they are all rush jobs then im more then happy to wait for some great jrpg's.

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nice_cuppa3450d ago

must be really popular !

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