10 Xbox 360 tricks Microsoft doesn't tell you

1. Connect your Xbox 360 to two screens at once
2. Play your own music in original Xbox games
3. It can write its own blog
4. Play Xbox 360 games online for free - without a Live account
5. Interact with your Xbox 360 music

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Silogon3453d ago

They forgot -- "The xbox 360 actually calls the fire department when the system overheats and threatens your home."

DavidMacDougall3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

FFS Silogon how many times i gotta tell you they charge extra for that :)

Mr_Bun3453d ago

My friend's 360 "drunk-dials" me.

Mr_Bun3453d ago

No kidding...his 360 is an abusive drunk too!

juuken3453d ago

xD You guys are silly.

Freezingduck3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Common now, there are more RRODs than just two per console, you should have used Resistance chimera eyes, instead :)

Pain3452d ago

11# how to Brain wash the Mindless Retards in to buying and supporting there pile of Sh!t company and Console!!!!

Mr_Bun3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

You shouldn't be so hard on juveniles! They are usually too young to know any better!(Says the guy with a children's avatar) ;p

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3452d ago

Nice List...I still don't want one!!! ;-D

Shroomy3452d ago

Get a load of this!

"Fine hear it is. Your a F**king Moron if u buy PC hardware every few months or years.

there good enough?

go update your PC idiot. il use a Console and NOT upgrade like i always have and never need to do.

just F**k off with your if u think PC's are the Gamers chioce retard. Only Fat moroic losers waste Money On Game PC's.

Go use that Money on a Girl.

$700 on a PC that will be a tard in 3 months is a F**king joke like you IQ kid."

I think you sony crowd should crank up the dumbass filter a bit, juuken you are respectable I'll leave you to that.

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Gazman3453d ago

wow its all old news here if you don't know even half of the stuff here you really don't own a xbox360 at all

ChampIDC3453d ago

Yes, because every gamer has to live in a basement and faithfully research every little aspect of the console. Clearly, you can't enjoy games without such knowledge...

3SeXtee3453d ago

...and I knew all of this within the first year. :o

El_Colombiano3452d ago

Haha yes, they knew about the HDMI on the 360 when Microsoft was still saying it wasn't needed. BTW, now I can play online with my 360! Xlink Kia FTW.

Crapbox3603453d ago

You can also use it as a toaster. :D

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