WipEout HD priced £11.99

CVG: " Sony has just told us that WipEout HD will cost £11.99 when it eventually hits the PS Store this year.

Remake though it may be, WipEout HD is a fully-featured WipEout game, including online play and some of the slickest visuals of any PS3 game."

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badkolo3572d ago

oh jesus, wipeout was a staple in gaming history and yet they only make a remake of the original.

I hope theres new tracks or something. why in the hell didnt they make a new games, its been 3 years since the ps3 launch, why did they only do a remake of the old game in HD.

Now im pissed. I seriously didnt look into it becuase I wanted to be surprised by one of my all time favs, but now im disgusted.

PirateThom3572d ago

It's been 2 years since the PS3s launch.

Anyway, Wipeout HD isn't a sequel, no one ever said it was, it combines most of the tracks from the PSP games and some of the classic tracks, remakes them and adds new features, it's a stop gap until the next true Wipeout game and, at that price, it's a bargain.

MaximusPrime3572d ago

im very happy. great to release Wipeout HD at super bargain £11.99
High Def 'ere i come!

@badkolo: Yes Wipeout is a remake of older classic. Sony and Studio Liverpool even mentioned that ages ago and yet, wipeout fans praises and thinks its awesome.

Brixxer6003572d ago

I haven't been following this game at all, i liked the original so this has caught mt attention but will it have trophy support ?

PirateThom3572d ago

Trophy support
Custom soundtracks

The whole lot.

Johnny Cullen3572d ago

What PT said.

Hopefully, it'll be coming very soon then the end of September (I can dream it'll come today, cant I?)

Brixxer6003572d ago

Thanks for the info, you just made my mind up for me.


Karum3572d ago

Don't count out future DLC. It's entirely possible that they will add in new tracks and even new ships at some point down the road. Game has a lot of potential outside it's current, apparent awesomeness if it is supported in the future like Warhawk has been.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213572d ago

can someone tell me how much that is in US dollars? thanks- hopefully the PSN cards will be out here by then

also this game wont have platinum right?

Blackcanary3572d ago

you looking at $20 USD converting it that is.

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