PES2009: Champion's League Trailer

Konami released this video of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, proving once and for all that the Champion's League will be available this year.

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danielo3629d ago

Looks very good. I'm normally a FIFA player but maybe i will take a look at PES09 this year

cwir3629d ago

Well about time :). PES is simply better..

And AC Milan will rule with this year's squad.

snakeater33629d ago

ps3 lead platform? dont disappoint us where your love is

jackwei223629d ago

That looks well good and this year could be in konami's hands well done good job guys. I am sure EA will feel abit pissed about this lol.

Well i cannot wait to play this game this year it will be quality and the best indeed.

iistuii3629d ago

Just played the fifa demo and its the usual poor gameplay as every other year, give me pro evo anytime

mac4u103629d ago

First day purchase how epic is dat trailer the players,gameplay grapichs, champions leagea ronaldo freekick owww boy hopeful the online will be on par.

PSN- macbelonwu10

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