Poor Sales Continue as Quantum Break Hits Steam

Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break sees significantly low sales numbers among Steam users, continuing the title's lackluster sales.

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XXanderXX780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

As long that MS retains the IP they can come back to it later with fresh ideas to improve on it .
As long that the case am good and can wait .
Quiet sad that a console fan can't hope for his preferred platform to maintain ownership of an IP, without everyone crying foul. Yet its okay for other plats to do so ,
wow talk about hate .

Hoffmann780d ago they did with alan wake...

XXanderXX780d ago

Different deal , here's hoping they do & have .

-Foxtrot780d ago

No it's not a different deal XXanderXX

The deal could have been "We're ready for an Alan Wake sequel, we believe in you guys" but instead it was "Look if you want us to publish one of your games then we want something brand new, not an Alan Wake sequel, we want a brand new IP which has a bigger, and second chance, to become a hit resulting in more sales. Take it or leave it"

If that wasn't the case we would have had Alan Wake 2 by now

slate91780d ago

Wow. I cant believe foxtrot said that. BECAUSE if they were to do an alan wake sequel that debuted with low sales, instead of investing in a new IP, everyone on here would be saying "Waaaaah why doesnt MS invest in new IP with fresh ideas. Waaaahhh we want new ip. MS doesnt take risks. MS only likes sequels. Waaaaaah"

Give me a damn break.
MS is damned if they do. Damned if they dont. And its not only MS, the gaming community gives publishers/developers shit no matter what they do now, its pathetic and annoying.
THANK YOU MS for taking a risk and giving us a new IP. Keep doing so.

Unspoken780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

You can't believe it? This place is anti MS no matter what.

Game was great but considering many didn't buy it to be able to even have a say, I'll go with current user ratings which are currently positive on steam and above average on metacritic. Gamers will miss out because of the Sony fanboys in every article pretending to be fans of Xbox spewing hate.

DarXyde780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

I think you and -Foxtrot have a point here. Odds are, if it was wholly successful by commercial standards, Microsoft would rather publish sequels than new IPs. Tenchu Z, Too Human, Ninja Blade, and others are some examples of games that didn't do too well in terms of sales and/or reception and Microsoft did appear to not want to continue publishing sequels with those partners. I'm sure there's also good evidence to the contrary, however.

I personally don't care much for Remedy games (Alan Wake wasn't bad) but I realize they have their following. I think quite a few people would want a sequel to Alan Wake, but yeah, this is very likely Microsoft seeing tremendous potential in Remedy and still want to work with them, but on wholly different projects.


I can't say I agree with you entirely; yes, people may complain about Microsoft not pushing forward with new IPs, but it really depends on the game. Alan Wake, as a series, is in its very early stages. Franchise fatigue is not going to hit one or two games in. You have a better chance of people getting tired of Halo or Forza. Those are actually more fair criticisms than Alan Wake. Can't really justify bashing Remedy for making an Alan Wake 2. Now about the industry as a whole...the industry is so inconsistent that it really doesn't matter what anyone says lol. The same people criticizing Microsoft for releasing more of the same are the same people defending Sony for their remasters. The same people criticizing Sony for their remasters as more of the same are the same people defending Microsoft for releasing more of the same.

Nature of the beast. I think Microsoft realizes this and they don't care about that. I think it was honestly just a business decision. This, I believe, is why unifying W10 as a platform was a wise decision on their end: it's a way to supplement sales of games that the firm otherwise expected to have greater sales performance, as is the case with Quantum Break.

I think it has the same problems plaguing it that The Order does: visually stunning, clearly very high production values, great voice acting, mostly solid gameplay, but the limited "gaming" aspects and already offputting length at full price were tough pills to swallow. Address those and I think you'll have better selling games Microsoft would gladly publish sequels for.

My two cents, anyway.

Godmars290779d ago (Edited 779d ago )


Would have thought the issue was that MS wanted live-action/media "gimmick" which ultimately added nothing to the game aspect. That, more than likely, the live segments where there just as much to create an online requirement for for a single-player title.

When all is side and done, years from now the original UC, Heavenly Sword, will be fully playable as single player titles as they were initially released. The same wont be true of QB.

morganfell779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

You do not have to be online to play the game. That said, you do have to download 75GB on the X1 to play the episodes off line. I have an external drive and I just set the download and the next morning I was done. And 75GB for me was nothing but for people with data caps it matters. Of course companies with data caps on home internet need to be slapped.

Speaking of data caps those attacking the 75GB data download are defending the PS4 Pro using streaming for its 4K video content and those defending the 75GB download attack the PS4. Pick a point and stick with it. For me personally, it is the fact I do not care about data download sizes.

I think Quantum Break is a good game and I will not slam a developer for having the stones to try something different. In this candy panty risk adverse business they took a leap. Hats off. And I played a lot of great FMV games decades ago. Wing Commander 3 and 4, Privateer II, Ripper, the list goes on. Some of my best gaming.

To Xbox purists, now you see how a good game can be victimized by sheer attempts to tear it down. Uncharted (the original) and Heavenly Sword were some of the first real victims of this ridiculous tactic. Our hobby is lesser for it. That is no excuse to go after Quantum Break in revenge, especially when you have not played it.

Godmars290779d ago

There's trying something different, then there's trying something different that adds value. Is of benefit. By your own example whatever possible benefits trying to be done with QB added came with issues that have to be measured.

morganfell779d ago

You do realize that "adds value" and "adds benefit" are subjective terms, right? And as much as companies are lambasted for wearing out IPs and playing it safe, here we have a company not doing that and they cannot catch a break. What did you think of the game when you played it through? There is much that has been thrown at QB that is nothing more than console war disagreements and IMO quite unfounded.

Godmars290779d ago

I'm actually NOT talking about the game or it's quality. The bug up my butt is about 75GB of video footage that either wont be accessible when servers go down or will have to be kept in a HDD under likely encryption. Like patching and early access have added complications along with whatever subjective value or benefit they promised.

They also came to be accepted going in some cases from benefit to crutch. Are often defended by no other excuse than associated brand name.

morganfell779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

A lot of games go down when there is an internet related issue. I honestly don't see a time when you won't be able to access that data. PSN went down Friday when that big DOS attack took place. I couldn't play Eve Valkyrie. MS has done a great job of keeping older titles supported. I was playing an Xbox 360 game in Multiplayer Saturday afternoon.

EDIT: BTW, they are also damned for no other reason than brand association. You know my post history, you know my standing with Sony. But I am trying to be objective about this.

Godmars290779d ago

"A lot of games go down when there is an internet related issue."

NOW many games go down without internet. Including and especially SP titles which by any other right than a publisher wanted DRM. Its been that way since the tech was introduced to consoles under the excuse of making things better. It continues, with both Sony and MS leading the charge, because despite growing consumer inconvenience it can be used to make further money.

morganfell779d ago

I agree it makes money for them however in the long run things will be better. We are in the growing pain stage right now. Unfortunately we are only aware of the pain on our side. We cannot just assume everything is hunky dory for the companies.

Godmars290778d ago

"in the long run things will be better."

What are you even talking about?

We're two, going on two and a half, console generations in to this "growing pain" phase you're trying to go on about when solid console gens came before them. Where once only 3rd rate devs where putting out hack titles for a quick buck on the SNES and Sega, AAA publishers are doing just about the same. Putting out multiplatform releases that don't work on some or all, trying to keep the money, and moving on to the next sequel. Over-hyping if not outright lying about what can be delivered only to make higher claims while marketing budgets for a title far exceed it's development costs.

We are very likely in the mist of an Atari-level industry crash, when general consumers either lose interest or can't afford to pay what publishers want, and all hardcore gamers can do is say "take my money" and make excuses for people who are only making gaming about the money.

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chobit_A5HL3Y780d ago

CAN they? sure. ARE they? not likely lol

XXanderXX780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Again here's hoping they have & Spencer makes sure of it .

DigitalRaptor780d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Quantum Break is never being re-visited by Microsoft.

@ Hoffman

Alan Wake is owned by Remedy, so if they ever decided to get back into AAA development and publishing, a sequel could happen. I would imagine it would be on more platforms than just PC and Xbox though. I think they're about done with letting Microsoft handle their creations.

@ Green_gangsta A.K.A magiciandude

I know not sure why you're going around spamming my comment about the PS4 Pro's 8.4TF FACTUAL revelation, but you're only doing me a favour, so thanks. 👍

Hoffmann780d ago

I hope so, since Alan Wake was awesome and should finally get a sequel already.

XXanderXX780d ago

If they own the IP see no reason why they can't & wouldn't .

-Foxtrot780d ago

It's resulted in them going the multiplayer/online approach aswell because they think it's all about sales now thanks to MS, not quality.

780d ago
kraenk12779d ago

Greengangsta and magicigiandude are the same as red_gangsta and rookie_monster. Spread the word!

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Hoffmann780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

"Quiet sad that a console fan can't hope for his preferred platform to maintain ownership of an IP, without everyone crying foul. Yet its okay for other plats to do so ,
wow talk about hate ."

I guess it is more because you have a history of acting like the Xbox equivalent to the "Nintendo Defense Force" here..and people are annoyed by seeing your posts where you defend a company that was and is doing bad decisions, shady stuff and is by more than a few people blamed to be responsible for bad trends in the game industry since around a decade.

Hate has nothing to do with it..its you and your posts.

XXanderXX780d ago (Edited 779d ago )

If that's the case then fans of any item should stay away cause other will hate seeing them cheer their item on .
Also its a public site if they don't like that am here then they should stay away or avoid my comments .

As for being a big fan of Xbox/MS , that's the way things worked out & am never going to change or apologies for it .

@zeu not craving safe space just trying to figure out why a fan of Xbox get pissed on when he wants the platform to own the IP they invested in . Is it insecurities of the other fanbase that they will never play said game or it that BS mentality of everyone should be able to play everyone else games . As for what everyone thinks of me or what they believe they can take a _____ hike .

zeuanimals779d ago


XXanderXX, if we don't like that you're here, we should just stay away? How about, if you don't like people calling out your delusions as delusions, then you're the one who should stay away or at the least stop being so delusional. I don't much care what you do but nobody's going to give you the safe space you're craving. especially on a trivial gaming site.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Blame Xbox marketing. They tell these developers what they want to see in a game instead of allowing developers to use their own ideas and creativity.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that Scalebound is headed down the same path.

Mr-Dude780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Yes, I am afraid scalebound is gonna turn into the same thing as QB. The idea is awesome, but is looks not fun to play. It doesn't look " buy an xbox one for this game" type of game, it will most likely not sell very well also. Not a popular opinion I know, but if i'm wrong than I'll eat crow.

Godmars290779d ago

As some not likely to buy an XB1 for one game such as this is the four-player segment thing that's going on. A stretch of an excuse to make a SP title MP.

Fist4achin780d ago

They certainly could, but I'd the sales numbers don't turn a favorable profit, they won't revisit it. So many good games that gamers don't try and are never remade, rebooted or continued with sequels/prequels... I haven't played quantum break, but I will soon.

trooper_780d ago

A game like this that was practically hyped like this should have sold more.

ShadowKnight780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Sucks for Remedy

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Kingthrash360780d ago

Poor game = poor sales
Nothing surprising here.

pyroado780d ago

This basically i dont care how much people want to sugar coat it, this purely just wasn't a good game

Kingthrash360780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Yeah I really was.....and I bought my xbox to play this. It Let me down badly. It had the potential but just wasn't put together well at all. Missing even the most basic things.

So I'm trolling?
Look at my past comments and you will find me stating that I'm buying my xbox for QB. Smh
How am I trolling this games came out in 2016...without a cover system, reload animations, very bad AI, very easy game, at 720p, (gears is 1080 looks and plays much better) no mp, with a sp campaign that had live action cutscenes (that you either had to stream or download 75 GB to watch so basically it was the first sp game that you had to have the Internet to see the story) it had a minimal choice system that no matter what choices you made still ended the same way. I mean I can go on. The powers were cool but by the second half of the games you had all of them so it was just a boring second half...with a story that was boring, that had characters who weren't even in the dam game for God's sake. Trust me I wanted this and wanted it to be good. Trolling my ass if I was a troll I'd say something like forza H3 was poor or gears was poor. But they are not. they are much, much better games than QB is on all levels. Troll you are the troll defending a game that frankly is overrated at a 77 on meta.

Unspoken780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Same troll = boring troll.

High ratings on steam and 77 on metacritic. Game was pretty good even though it reminded me of something that would have released on PS4. Maybe thats the reason for the hate.

PlayableGamez-779d ago

Actually Quantum Break was a decent game!
The problem with Quantum Break it was too short, the live action show (which was better than the actual game) hurt the pacing of the game and it was too easy. I would personally pick it up on a sale for no more than 20 bucks.

I felt like QB would have made a great TV series than a video game.

neoandrew780d ago

Nope, according to steam reviews it is good, very positive with 87% http://store.steampowered.c...

game4funz780d ago

The part people love to miss. The game is received well. Sales don't matter to the gamer who enjoys to game.

Kingthrash360780d ago (Edited 779d ago )

So are you saying it's a good game just because steam says so? Have you played it? Did you enjoy it? That's fine if you did...hell give it a 10. Your opinion is yours and I respect that, but imo it's just a poor game. I wasted 59.99 on it imo and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Kingthrash360 is my username for xbl....please feel free to check if I played it or not. Also feel free to compare our score and fund that I likly played xbox alot more than you. Just because I'm critical of the bs MS pulls dosent mean I hate xbox. I just don't like BS

Automatic79780d ago

This game was fantastic. Don't get caught up/listen to the low lifes on this website lying like King trash claiming they bought the game but never really did. I personally bought it and it was a fantastic game. I have also played games that got higher ratings that don't deserve the rating they got. In other words if you like great Story single player titles you will love this game.

neoandrew779d ago


Everyone reviewing on steam has bought it, on metacritic ANYONE can vote so it is absolutely worthless.

SO YES IT IS A GOOD GAME according to STEAM OWNERS OF THE GAME not just my option and that ARE THE FACTS

"imo it's just a poor game" and that is "Your opinion" the key work "IMO", i'm talking general reception and it is GOOD, so you are in minority

DigitalRaptor779d ago

@ MichaelLito79

I have NO IDEA why you would have a problem with people lying when you have continually lied about the Xbox One and its lineup of games in the past.

A lot of people thought this was an average-bad game. It's definitely Remedy's worst game and the one that made them quit AAA single-player focused development due to poor choices and execution.

"In other words if you like great Story single player titles you will love this game." - weird, plenty of reviewers who loved Uncharted 4, and games like it, didn't like QB. You can't just make a blanket statement like that to try and damage control the fact that people might think it's not a good game. I like adventure games, does that mean they're all good and I will love every single one? The game had undeniable issues.

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game4funz780d ago (Edited 779d ago )

You bought your Xbox to play one game.... Right... Oki. Smart.

Wasn't gonna mention any of those games actually. They have nothing to do with what I said. Still don't know why you'd buy a console for 1 game.

Kingthrash360780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Yes it was the only game from the reveal that had me wanting a xbox.
It's bad not to be a halo fan?
Bad not to be a forza fan?
Smh I wasn't gunna buy an xbox for halo or forza. ....and before you say something I know halo is a great game and forza is a grest racer....It just dosnt appeal to me.

UCForce780d ago

That's just shame to be honest ! I wished MS would invest more new IP.

Last_Boss779d ago

It's not just that. MS needs to go after the quality. Like star.

lastking95780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

I thought it was a great game. My only 2 complaints was lack of content (second game mode or mp needed) and episode cut scenes take you out the moment (the show was good tho)

Cover system was unneeded, and reload animations lol get real. What's next, weapon swap animation make it trash?

DigitalRaptor779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Laughable, absolutely laughable:

More laughable that you would defend garbage like that in a 2016 AAA shooter.

And it's not even just the reloading... it's the overall animations that are laughably janky, archaic or just plain missing for a AAA third-person action game in 2016.

rainslacker780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

I think it's a good game. Not poor by any means. I felt it a bit disappointing, just because I was expecting it to be better, but for the most part it was good. It had it's faults, and I didn't care for the way the story was presented, but nothing that really made it poor. I don't feel it was a fantastic game, or even one of the best games this gen, or one of the best X1 games available, but it was good enough that'd I'd recommend it to people into the genre(story or game play)


QB was my overwhelming reason for buying an X1. Although there were other games I wanted/want as well.

game4funz776d ago

You see that's perfectly fine. Buying a console for one game though... Is Silly.

I was very interested too after Alan wake... But also ryse, killer instinct, halo, gears, and fable... Along with the multiplats of course.

rainslacker776d ago

QB was just the game that made me take the plunge. There were other games i was interested in.

I did buy the X1 more on impulse, but it has enough content that I'm interested in overall. My biggest problem is that I'm more interested in other games, so the X1 stuff tends to get put on the back burner of my backlog.

freshslicepizza779d ago

no mans sky didnt get good reviews but sold well so there goes that generalization.

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neoandrew780d ago

Nope, according to steam reviews it is good, very positive 87% http://store.steampowered.c...

Sparta07780d ago

Lmao!!!! Stream reviews!? Lol
Bad game that's all nothing more nothing less.

neoandrew779d ago

Metacritic!!! LOL

You are in minority, everyone reviewing on steam has bought it, on metacritic ANYONE can vote so it is absolutely worthless service and means nothing.

Very good game with 87% POSITIVE STEAM OWNERS

Melankolis780d ago

Is it that bad?. Because i like Alan Wake. And for QB, watching the gameplay via Youtube makes me want to try. I wonder how new IP hardly sell on XBO. PS owner seem to like to try new IPs, but not for XB owners?.

780d ago Replies(3)
Red_Renegade780d ago

not terrible. not great either.

Trekster_Gamer780d ago

So tell me what was terrible about the game give me some specifics and don't cut and paste use your own words if you can if you've actually ever played it

xDealtwithIt778d ago


He wont answer obviously. Just another member of the obvious Sony fanboy board that finds themselves in every xbox article.

leoms780d ago

I would say give it a try if you want to.

343_Guilty_Spark780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

The game is fine its just that we now live in an era where it is cool to be hypercritical of games on competing platforms.


The game is decent. NO mans sky is decent. Neither are world beaters but I can say from experience QB was a very satisfying experience.

780d ago
Unspoken780d ago

Gr8b8m8 being a douche? nah, not on a new troll account on n4g

TheDivine780d ago

One of the best games ever IMO. It's easily as good as Alan Wake so if you enjoyed that, this is a no brainier. Remedy are every bit as good as Rockstar or Naughty Dog but people seem to hate them and their games. I think its because they make exclusives for MS. On ps4 this would've gotten 10's across the board.

780d ago
Skillz1215780d ago

def not one of the best ever idk how that can even come out your mouth

Stogz780d ago

This game was nowhere near as good as Alan Wake, I can't believe anyone would say this. It has nothing to do with what system, the game was very average, that's it.

lastking95780d ago

Alan wake is honestly slightly overrated. Not bad but not a good as many make it out. I'd take QB over AW any day. QB I'd give a point and a half better than AW. 7.8 vs 8.2 overall enjoyment score