Microsoft's Staffing Plan is Halo 4 for the Xbox 720

Here's a little proof that Microsoft is actually working on next generation technology and Halo will be one of the games that will power this technological wonder that will be Xbox 720. So technically speaking we'd see a new version of Halo with the launch of its next platform.

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Halo4 on launch day would probably send gamers into a frenzy,its one of gamings true AAA big hitters at the moment - whether you like the franchise or not,sales,scores and cries for more back this up.

Still if the '720' is a 2011 release then thats another 3 years to wait for the next genre defining FPS to come out - going by past Halo's.

I can kind of imagine what Halo4 is gonna be like - lets hope it lives up to its true potential on a new platform.

HighDefinition3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I don`t think releasing Halo4 would be a good idea off of launch.

Why? Because they had ALOT of hardware problems this gen, I`m not sure if you would want to start off w/ one of your MOST PLAYED games, w/ the next one. Just to make sure, MSFT cannot afford to have another RROD "epidemic" w/ the 720. (or whatever they`ll call it)

But what do I know, they call me a "fanboy" since my 360 broke.

pav23233599d ago

of what happened when the 360 launched? If this is true, and they make a Halo 4 for the '720' or whatever, it sounds like it would be used to sell the system, thus not supporting the 360. Hopefully that wont happen for 360 users. I could imagine an uproar of users that cannot play the new Halo because Microsoft dropped support of the old system in favor a another gen. That is what ticked me off when the 360 was released.

elitewh0re3599d ago

correct me if im wrong, but wasn't the main reason ms decided to discontinue support was due to nvidia pulling out manufacture of their graphics chips...?

Gorgon3599d ago

"genre defining FPS"

Halo? Genre defining? Gimme a break. You can tell me its a very good game, etc, but genre defining?

butterfinger3599d ago

for MS to shoot out of the gate with the 720. So now we have 2 launch titles for XBOX 720; Halo 4 and Alan Wake:)

Spydiggity3599d ago

regardless of your opinion about the halo series, it does set the standard for FPS on console.

no FPS has repeated its success.

as for ppl saying it would abandon support for 360. not true. halo 2 is still played by a ton of xbox players. just like halo 3 will continue to be very popular for the people who aren't ready to move on.

but when nintendo releases a new system they usually have a new mario that launches or shortly follows. it's their mascot and master chief is xbox's. it is a good move on their part to get halo 4 as close to launch as possible. it would give them a huge system opener.

DG3599d ago

I personally don't like any of the halo games. No I am not a PS3 fanboy as I only own a 360. And have nothing against the PS3 except the price and the fact that they don't bundle an HD cable but you can get one off of ebay for $5 so hey. But it would be smart to release a halo on launch day with DLC for Halo3 for 360. Would probably guarantee 5 million consoles sold in about a week. Which is not bad considering they only sold what 20 mil in about 3 years. Damn I should be an exec LOL but they prob. dreamed this up already.

xhairs93599d ago

Or you should be fired because your numbers are totally off margin. If they put out DLC for halo 3 and released the 720 + Halo4, which do you think would go? The DLC obviously because it's cheaper and Halo 3 isn't dead yet obviously.

LastDance3599d ago

Duno bout you guys...but halo 1 coop was pretty darn awsome.

mikeslemonade3598d ago

And why not for the 360? Perhaps not even Microsoft 1st party has confidence in the 360 hardware. Realistically if they made Halo 4 for 360 it's not going to look much better since it's not unreal 3.

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Skadoosh3599d ago

I'm guessing it might be Halo 5 because I highly doubt we won't see Halo 4 on the 360.

running rampid3599d ago

agreed. MSFT have already said bungie is working on 'halo 4' so if gearbox are infact developing a game for the next xbox it will be the fifth halo. it's a given that the next halo shooter will still be on the xbox 360.

Cure3599d ago

how they are already listing games for the xbox 720.

they should focus on the 360 as their line-up isnt the greatest. i have a feeling xbox fans are going to get shafted again by the short life of the 360.

in my eyes its a waste of money..cant trust MS

DG3599d ago

Out of curiosity do you trust Sony and Nintendo?

PS: MS would be idiotic to not support the only console they ever made money off of. It would be like Sony dropping the PS2. Like the guy above said the only reason MS dropped the xbox is because they couldn't redesign it and lower the cost which is not the case this time. Plus they don't even need to support it past 2010 the console install base is reason enough alone for third party to support it by them self simply due to the increment of financial cost of development when it comes to new systems. Once again look at the PS2.

GarandShooter3599d ago

Assuming most 360 owners will migrate to the 720 (I know I will) and Microsoft plans ahead to allow Live to support both consoles, there will be no problem. If they have full BC on the new system, it's a done deal.

RememberThe3573599d ago

They're doing it right now, as we type.

Silogon3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Once again, Microsoft cuts console lifespan to suit their own needs. The xbox 360 is on the way out and this price reduction is more like a closeout sale. What a joke! Everyone should take the time to sit out their next systems until they know they can truly make an advancement in gaming. If the next xbox comes out in the next 2 years, how much different can it be than the ps3 and xbox 360 we have now? It might have more ram but fundementally it won't be any different.

Microsoft should wait until they have "true" next gen tech driving their systems and not just a PClike upgrade.

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pixelsword3599d ago

Tech may advance in the next two years, but the Next 360 won't be having that new tech; if it's coming out in two years, it's probably close to completion NOW; and if Bungie can already estimate what's what to hire someone, that means the specs for the Next XboX are already established.

Rhoic3599d ago

And those are specs that you don't know.. so you cant say that it wont be better :x

thenickel3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

There also working on a Oblivion mmo for the launch of 720 so that should be interesting. To the guy above me I don't think MS is going to shaft 360 owners and while not but one or 2 games have been announced until next year this year does look pretty good. If MSwere to shaft it's fanbase again I think they know many would drop there consoles for good.

Oh and bubbles for your honest opinion.