Kingdom Hearts Coded is also coming to the PSP

Dutch website PS3Life reports that today a new rumour emerged about Kingdom Hearts Coded. After Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Parasite Eve the 3rd Birthday also Kingdom Hearts Coded will appear on the mobile phone and PlayStation Portable.

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sinncross3453d ago

Would be great for the PSP of this is true... Coded has an intriguing game play system. Also, bringing RE:com to the PSN (or ps2 outside Japan), DoC FF7: side missions to PSP, and Kh3 to PS3, the I'm sorted :D

Kingsora3453d ago

I hope it's true, because this is the only Kingdom Hearts game that Americans and Europeans can't play if Square-Enix doesn't release it on the PSP ^^

Kingsora3453d ago

Btw the explanation that the website (source) gives is pretty logical So actually I would be surprised if Kingdom Hearts Coded isn't coming to the PSP (after Birth by Sleep of course)

Laexerias3453d ago

I would be dissapointed if KH3 wont be coming on Wii or PS3.
But im a little bit sceptic about that rumour, i mean 2 Titles from KH for the PSP and one for the NDS? i dont know..
But i hope its true, i definetly want to play Coded, the Fighting System is something new and innovative!

mindedone3453d ago

for it sure doesn't toll for the PSP

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The story is too old to be commented.