Ronimo Games Interview: Swords and Soldiers - WiiWare World

A portion of a WiiWare World interview with Ronimo Games about their upcoming WiiWare game Swords and Soldiers....

WW: You've called the game a 'side scrolling RTS' – can you explain this concept to us?

FA: The basics of Swords and Soldiers are very simple. You need to gather resources, gold and mana, with which you can buy units and spells respectively. Once a unit is created, it starts out at your base and automatically walks towards the enemy. From simple melee to skeleton summoning necromancers, every unit is quite unique. Spells can be cast on units and allow the player to directly influence the battle, hitting enemies with lightning bolts, freezing them in snowstorms or making your troops go berserk are just some of the examples you can expect.

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N4g_null3598d ago

Man does this look sweet! side scrolling RTS WOW! mega man, this and bomber man who would have though it? Hell there's more coming too.