Halo 4 and Gearbox - How obvious is it? writes "However a recent sighting of job postings at Gamasutra spells this denunciation rather different light. They reinforce the community's belief that they are indeed working on the next Halo for Microsoft's console."

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100003481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Their Latest Aliens/Brothers In Arms/Boderlands projects count me in...

Nice3481d ago

we only seen gearbox in ports, the only major game we ve seen till now is Brother's in arms...the next gen sequel will make or break the deal with the them....

281219863481d ago

How bout some new IP's Microsoft...fine we've seen what Mario can do on your platform thrice, can we see something that has not been done to death...

SixZeroFour3480d ago

why start now, when every other console uses there "mascot" games to death

RealityCheck3481d ago

I don't think it will be Halo 4, it will be Halo Zero, a prequel covering the early days of Master Chief.

Stana3481d ago

Halo Wars are a prequel

mfwahwah3481d ago

They can have 2 sequels, but are only allowed to have 1 prequel?

SixZeroFour3479d ago

halo wars is a prequel to halo: combat evolved

there can only be one true prequel, but there could be sequels to the prequels before the first (of what ever, in this case halo: combat evolved) halo storyline

just like what star wars did, they made a prequel star wars episode 1...i think it was called, dont know much about starwars...then they made sequels to those prequels, but still before the first starwars storyline...episode 2 and 3 i believe

Droid3480d ago

can't wait to see their take on the series. might be fun and interesting.