Has Spore now been all-but-destroyed by its DRM?

EA's critically acclaimed hit enters backlash hell from gamers for its anti-piracy measures. And the Amazon user reviews remain, er, 'not positive'...

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Megaton3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I guess there's just too many for Amazon to censor like they do with other products, though they did try already and got angry mobbed for it.

Realistically, nothing will change. Spore's just caught under the anti-DRM bus at the moment. Hopefully one of these days the corporate ass clowns at EA and other companies who use this type of DRM will get a clue and realize they're only hurting their paying customers.

SaiyanFury3475d ago

Indeed. I routinely reformat my HDD with Windows XP because of problems that I eventually experience. I'm a tech and some of the problems I experience can't be solved easily. I recently activated my copy of Windows XP for the third time. The next time I reformat (it'll eventually happen) I'll have to use the phone. I don't look forward to it.

CrazzyMan3475d ago

You bought a Ferrari and can use it only 3 times, then the car become broken.
Is Ferrari a good car? YES. But is it worth it`s money, does it has a good value, if it get`s BROKEN after 3 times usage? NO.

Game and Price+Activation problems - defines product VALUE. People review value of product, not only the content.

JsonHenry3475d ago

Well, I figure if I have to reformat more than three times by the time my wife gets bored with it then I will just torrent the game.

Which is already freely available on the internet with a working fix for the DRM/copy protection.

LeShin3475d ago

It makes me laugh when some people say piracy on the PC doesn't cost companies that many software sales because if it didn't do you think companies would've wasted their time with this DRM crap? It is sad that paying customers have to get shafted because of a few idiots. It isn't fair. With the rising cost of game development, companies are trying everything in their power to recoup their costs and gain profit.

Unfortunately, I see where this is going to go. With piracy on the increase and getting faster (i.e. Spore getting cracked before it was even released) and people shouting about DRM issues which are unfair, companies will start abandoning PC development and go to the consoles as it's much harder to play pirate versions of games (You need a chipped XBox 360, PC's don't have that problem and the PS3 hasn't been cracked yet)

In fact, I reckon it's beginning to happen.

Lumbo3475d ago

Sorry, bu why defend an abomination that simply does not work.

There is NO way to prevent illegal copys completely. Why do they even bother the buyers with this draconian nonsense. Why do developers BUY a software that for obvious reasons does NOT work. Why pester customers with annoying stuff because of a software that DOES NOT WORK. Any sensible businessman would have abandoned the DRM crapware long ago, it costs money, it does NOT generate mor sales, quite the contrary you LOOSE customers.

No one can offer me a sensible justification to keep these DRM types like this online activation SecuROM garbage.

lets collect the usual excuses:
"We need to use this copy protection to protect ourself from illegal copys"
Sorry, your copy protection is not working, why keep a nonworking expensive system that you do not benefit from, tradition? because "it is done that way" ? Cause you fell for the PR crap the SecuROM representative fed you while hooking you on his worthless nonworking customer annoyance?

"there is no other way"

Hey, people actually aggree that you should have some kind of copy protection so you get what you deserve in sales. But the only type you CAN block is the casual "i just pop the DVD in my burner and make a direct copy" type. Everyone else uses the cracks and therefor is NOT stopped by whatever complicated anti-customer stuff you put in.

Why not put a reasonable simple DVD check in there. SURE it is way more easy to crack that, but why bother? the complicated stuff is cracked as fast as this anyways ...

Instead of thinking about ways to even more annoy the people who actually make your paycheque happen distributors should think about ways to disable casual copys while NOT bothering the people who handed over money for it.

Valve managed to score there. Even though steam in itself is somewhat intrusive, it manages to stay always in the background and NOT to pester the user with stuff he has no interest in. With your login you have access to UNLIMITED installs of the software and can start an offline mode where the game is locked to that single system so you can play it withough internet access. Reformat windows? no problem, your games are linked to your account and after installing steam for free you can instantly download them again, for free.

EA build something similar, the EA downloader. Sadly EA offers NO WAY to merge old EA accounts, and i myself have 3!Yes, even a call to the supportline will get you nothing, even though they blabber about 'one login' on the page all the time, a merge is impossible for EA's staff, so is the possibility to deactivate a product. EA's answer to requests ? rebuy your games, we don't care. So a third of my games are under one login, mostly LOTRBFM games, while my Battlefield games are located under a different account. That was no problem from when there was no connection and no online purchase. But suddenly addons need to be activated to ONE account. And then you need to check what email you used to activate the main game and what account it is filed in else you end up with an addon you can't use cause hte base game is locked to a different account. Typical EA ... huge, bloated, customer unfriendly.

How comes the freaking music industry, frontrunner of the drm stuff and official hater of internet downloads, realised that the drm stuff is NOT helping. So the onlinestores slowly merge away from digital restriction management and offer plain, easy to use .mp3 or .aac files. If the huge music industry can find the light of selling stuff to customers without adding insane drm the games industry can get there, too.

hay3475d ago

@Lumbo: Agreed. As a customer we should have the right to install software as much as we want. Activating products via phone can be expensive in some countries which must call abroad.

DRM doesn't work, won't prevent pirates from making copies and downloading the game, it just harms customers, sucks aye? There are already thousands of people who're downloading Spore right now.

I want to support Will Wright and his new creation since spore is really fun and I respect the guy but hell, I don't wanna pay for crappy DRM.
Tough choice.

bednet3475d ago

I download the crack for some of the games that I buy, just because I don't like to put DVDs in the machine, I want to play now...and the DRM crap is gone as well.

orakga3475d ago

"companies will start abandoning PC development and go to the consoles as it's much harder to play pirate versions of games (You need a chipped XBox 360, PC's don't have that problem and the PS3 hasn't been cracked yet)"

Certainly, you can't be serious, right?

EVERY popular platform gets hacked, and the hacks become accessible to the mainstream as the platform gets more popular. Hell, even the DS is "hacked"!

If anything, consoles are EASIER to hack and pirate for, if the hackers put their minds to it. Go do some research. Google "hacked XBox 360" and see what you get. As far as I know, all you have to do is pay someone $250, and they UPS a hacked xbox360 right to your doorstep, and voila, you can play ANY GAME that comes out on that system, forever!!

Hacked PC games, OTOH, require you to look for the cracks for each and every game. And you expose your computer to viruses, spyware, trojan horses, etc.

Yes, developers may choose to dump the PC market out of spite, or out of the delusion that it will solve their problem. But until they realize that:

1) People who choose to pirate will always find a way
2) The Publishers are partially responsible in causing piracy

...the problem will never go away.

Yes, pirating is bad. There is no doubt about that. But patronizing willing consumers is the most effective way to convert them into new pirates.

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user8586213475d ago

DRM Sucks!!! Thats y people game on consoles!!

snp3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

"It makes me laugh when some people say piracy on the PC doesn't cost companies that many software sales because if it didn't do you think companies would've wasted their time with this DRM crap?"

Yes, i do actually. Tying 'installs' to one machine has a nice upside of eliminating 'resale' (the second hand market). EA has already said that the 'resale' of products is "an urgent problem they have to tackle". Imo it's naive to be blidesided by the 'p' word or rhetoric about lost sales. The Sims and Sims 2 have sold in excess of 150 million (inc expansions) and continue to sell. Does anyone honestly believe this will prevent the Sims 3 from including this DRM upon release if consumer flack hasn't defeated it first?

"companies will start abandoning PC development and go to the consoles as it's much harder to play pirate versions of games"

Good luck. That may well happen, but install limits - or some other form of 'link' between software to hardware - is sure to come in. If publishers want to destroy the second hand market (as they've said plainly numerous times they do) i think you're kidding yourself if you think '10 million sales' (CoD 4 etc) will spare you where 150 million Sims hasn't spared the PC market. When corps start licking their lips and spying 'that other gaming revenue', there's no 'magic number' that'll stop them trying to fish a way into it and you out of it.

Doing this on the PC market under the cover fire of evoking that magic word 'piracy' is the first step to normalising rentals (effectively) taking over from complete ownership (including resale rights/ability). You're naive if you think 'this' element of DRM - which is the main one prompting outrage - is about anything else or wont find it's way onto consoles (while consumers point at each other and are led to believe "it's our fault" etc.)

PS360WII3475d ago

I don't think it destroyed anything and I believe gamers need to get over the DRM thing and deal with it. It's hear to stay so might as well get comfortable. How long have we heard about developers/publishers talking about how they need to stop re-sales well this is the idea. You can put the game on 3 devices and that should be plenty as you really only need one.

Shortstop3475d ago

So it's ok that Big Brother tells me how many systems I can have and how many I can install it on?

PS360WII3475d ago

Big brother? You are kidding right? They are not watching you playing the game and making sure you only do this or that in game. They are simply saying you bought this game and usually can only play it on one unit but we'll let you put it on 3. Hurray. Honestly you guys can never be happy unless you get everything for free which by the by won't happen unless you do steal.

bednet3475d ago

Most do put up with it, but as long as DRMs exist people will crack them and some of us will use them cause it makes the game so much better...that does not mean we did not buy the game, we still need the Key for multi-player.

I agree that piracy on PC is pretty bad, but its not as bad as they'd like us to believe...1 pirated dowload != 1 lost sale.

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