SimBin boss: 360 exclusivity 'interesting'

Lack of PS3 RACE Pro explained by studio bigwig:

"SimBin boss Henrik Roos has said that developing exclusively for one console "could be interesting," when referring to SimBin's decision to make RACE Pro exclusive to the Xbox 360.
When asked by our sister publication, 360 Gamer magazine, why SimBin had decided to make the game a 360 exclusive, Roos admitted that financial matters had played a part in the decision – but added that it could also have possible benefits as well.

"SimBin has financed this production our self and we simply did not have the budget to do a PS3 [version]," Roos said.

Looking on the bright side though, he added that "it could also be interesting to be exclusive on one platform, if the support from the platform holder is good."

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predator3599d ago

hold on this was a different story when i commentted and now has been changed..The original story was about Manchester United hence Nice!!

mikeslemonade3599d ago

Then this developer sucks. If he doesn't have the money then the game is going to look like crap and obviously he isn't smart enough to realize the PS3 within a year will have more units sold than the 360.

Montrealien3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

(Then this developer sucks)


GTR 2 = 92 Meta score

GTR = 85 Meta score

Race 07 = 83 Meta score

yeah, this Dev sucks...

El_Colombiano3598d ago

Nice links, you just proved they are just stupid. "Oh we can't afford PS3 version". Sure, with three successful games, you not having money? Ha laughable developers for sure.

Montrealien3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

yeah, good one. The links proves they are a good dev, you think does games sold by the millions? Surely they would make money by making the game on both consoles but the fact of the matter is, for studio like Simbin, it is more of a sure thing to easily make a game on the 360 then to invest a good amount of money to learn a whole new thing like the PS3 only to end up shipping the game against a powerhouse like the GT franchise.

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Fishy Fingers3599d ago

Makes sense to concentrate on one platform if your not financially able to invest in a multiplatform game. Although SimBin are a PC developer (this their first console game?) so it doesn't surprise me they wanted to stick to the familiar architecture of the 360.

Should be a great title for racing fans.

deeznuts3598d ago

It's a red herring. They got money from MS to keep it exclusive. How are you going to say in one sentence financial matters played a part of the decision, then say it was all self-funded.

Jamegohanssj53599d ago

Should have done a fun raiser, but it doesn't matter to me because we have Grand Turismo. Beat that.


Montrealien3599d ago

I really hope from the bottom of my heart that GT5 is all it should be, and more. I did buy a PS1 for GT1, a PS2 when the GT3 pack came out, I do have a lot of love for the series. But GT5 has been nothing but a long agonising wait for the best to come back in full form, and so much has been happening during that wait. Forza 1 did so many things right and was followed by Forza 2 which just added to an already great formula. Other then amazing visuals GT 5 has alot to bring to the table to come back in full form.

Imho, PGR 3-4, Forza 2 and now Sim bin on the 360, makes it my current console of choice for racers. I have been getting more then I need for racers on the 360 and I`ll enjoy what I got atm for racing games on my 360, which is plenty. Although I do hope GT5 brings back that old feeling the first ones gave me.

I `ll enjoy the present instead of living in the Future.

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VMAN_013599d ago

He's not sounding too excited.

blu3print3599d ago

I'm currently playing GTR evolution (Race 07) not a bad game

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