New 3D Super Mario Game Teased by Nintendo for Switch

In its official reveal trailer for its upcoming console, Switch, Nintendo has teased the possibility of a new 3D Super Mario title being in development for the system.

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PhoenixUp785d ago

Looks like it. I always enjoy 3D Mario games

mikeslemonade785d ago

I feel like I seen that Mario game trailer before.

Lighter9785d ago

I had to rewatch that part.

EddieNX 785d ago

Huge news!!! The switch looks set to have an amazing line up with the remastered WiiU ports

Nu785d ago

Sadly the graphics look barely better than WiiU :(

OmnislashVer36785d ago

@Nu I think we need a better look at it. The textures looked so much smoother IMO. Mario looked the same though- they need to upgrade his character model.

LOL_WUT785d ago

So it's not backwards compatible? I could've sworn I saw Splatoon and MK8 ;)

rjason12785d ago

Nope lol, they had some different stuff than the actual versions, I'm personally hoping more for splatoon 2, and Mario kart 9 than remastered ports.

Blu3_Berry785d ago

I hope it is more like Mario 64, Sunshine or Galaxy. 3D World was such a disappointment for me, I didn't like that style.