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Genuine-User418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Wow. The Switch is a portable gamers dream come true.

You got me hyped and fully onboard Nintendo. Day one!

Cindy-rella418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Looks nice and i like the idea a lot. Im hoping for at least regular ps4 specs because id buy it first day. Also i wouldnt mind paying 350 quid or 400$ if its powerful enough

If the system isnt powerful enough then there wont be a lot of support by third party developers. Silly Gamers can talk about how specs are irrelevant with a device like nes switch but previous nes devices should be a big indicator of why third party support is very important. Gamecube, wii and wii u had horrible third party support of new and quality titles and if the nes switch isnt powerful enough then there wont be bf1, cod, gta, assassins creed and a lot of third party games that majority of gamers like. There would be a lot of game droughts like on the wii u and Nintendo doesn't have enough dev teams to sustain on only 1st party games only

stupidusername418d ago

I like this a lot! Seems like the perfect hybrid between a homeconsole and a handheld. I´m totally getting this if they deliver on games. If we are both getting home console and 3ds type handheld games this is gonna be a great system to have alongside pc, ps4 or xbox one as Nintendo has so many exclusives.

EddieNX 418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

The specs aren't worth comparing to rival consoles cus this thing has no comparable rival. Can you play a PS4 on a plane? No. Can you play a Switch on a plane? Yes.

Different consoles, any spec comparisons are useless. It's a VERY powerful hybrid is what it is.

edit- Was there something I said wrong? It would only be fair to compare the Switch to another hybrid console not a PS4 or a PS4 pro. Entirely different concepts.

_-EDMIX-_418d ago

Absolutely not , but is extremely unlikely that it's going to be the specs of the PlayStation 4 and I actually believe it's smart for them not to and keep the price down if they simply make it just as powerful as the Wii U they could keep the cost down significantly for the consumers I personally don't care how powerful it is I'm more excited that they're finally working on one damn device so I could actually get all the games they create as opposed to purchasing two systems for questionable quality.

NukaCola418d ago

Wow! This is extremely cool. You have a multitude of configurations and the games look like they run great. I like it. What an awesome design choice! Need more ASAP!

fiveby9418d ago

I like what they showed in the reveal. However, I would like to know something of specs and 3rd party support before I consider a purchase.

alstruck418d ago

handheld-ish with ps4 specs and cartridges, hard to imagine.. but if they could actually pull it off, just wow... I'm guessing there's a box with all the processing power..

TheLordOfStuff418d ago

It's a hand-held, it's not going to be as powerful as a ps4 and be $300-400.

Don't get me wrong it does actually look really sexy but I would calm you're expectations a little bit

DeadlyFire418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

It seems to be able to run NBA 2K or NBA Live and Skyrim in the trailer pretty decently.

Specs seem to be in an acceptable range. Enough so for 3rd parties like EA to be on board. Check out for their list of publishers supporting it. They even have Take Two on board. Ya know makers of GTA, Mafia, Red Dead Redemption.

Its powered by Nvidia Tegra custom APU/SoC. Its said on the NVIDIA site.

ABizzel1418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Well, well, well. Looks like the rumors were true, and looks like another 3 year old blog was hijacked once again.
MS and Nintendo need to give me my check, their developers have been reading my blogs.

I like the concept: Like I said years ago, a hybrid is the way to go for them, and if the games are up and running on this hardware like they trailer claims, then it's at least as powerful as a Wii U. On top of that it must also have traditional hardware for once, since Skyrim was up and running on it, so the IBM PowerPC processors must be out finally in favor of Intel / AMD / NVIDIA.

I'm not the biggest fan of the controllers: The controls look fine when it's a traditional handheld. I also love the fact you can play split screen, but that controller looks awful for that. And again I have to take split screen on the go with a huge grain of salt considering the 3DS had an amazing reveal for it's 3D effect, but never lived up to that.

I want to know exact specs: Is this an improved Wii U rebrand, like the GameCube -> Wii. A part of me is screaming yes, so Nintendo can turn around that original struggle. Another part of me doesn't care if this turn out to be the best handheld they've made. The hardware is capable of running Wii U games so that's a plus. But what I really need to know is battery life (hoping for 5 hours at least), the CPU, and GPU so we can get a good idea of what potential 3rd party support the device will have based on the ease of development for it.

Finally price: That rumored $300 - $400 price is too much for the vast majority of Nintendo fans. This concept is a complete reversal of the Wii U with a better designed "controller" (aka gamepad), that puts the gamepad first and foremost. The Wii U bombed at $300 - $350, and the 3DS was struggling at $250, how on earth do they think $300 - $400 is going to sell. It has to launch at $250 tops. The one thing they have going for them is that if this is their only device (which honestly I'm hoping it is), then it will have all the best of Nintendo in one place which is enough to justify that price alone.

The dock:
It looks like 2 USB ports are on the front, so hopefully there's HDD support soon, for downloading games and storing content, because personally I'd rather go digital if I can move from dock to handheld easily. I'm pretty sure it upscales games, because the screen resolution in the games looked lower than the actual video when I was playing it back in 1080p, but that could just be the recording. That being said Skyrim looked a lot better on the TV, so I'm almost 100% positive it overclocks the hardware to run the games at higher setting when connected to the dock. Hopefully the dock charges the handheld as well.

Cartridges, headphone jack, 4 should buttons (yaaaa), kickstand, dual analog, sectioned D-pad, traditional 4-button config,

Zelda Breath of the Wild, Skyrim Remastered, New 3D Mario, Mario Kart 8, NBA 2k, Splatoon.

Nintendo Switch..... I'm not a fan of that name. NX or Go would have been better.

starrman1985418d ago

I'd like to know if Skyrim on a plane was via some WiFi remote play or actually via the handheld hardware (some fancy planes have WiFi)

I am 100% interested though, I just want to see what games they offer!

Utalkin2me418d ago

Im trying to be objective here. While it looks very cool. There is alot of stuff that needs to be answered. Specs, battery life, it had cartridges, so price of games and so on and so forth.

Maddens Raiders418d ago

It's a pretty cool novelty item that is sure to gin up excitement from the Ninty loyal and curious fans, as well, early adopters of anything new, shiny, and electronic. But for gamers who enjoy say racing or flying games with large peripherals like, steering wheels and flight sticks, etc, this isn't going to replace their "traditional" console needs - much less doing it on a plane or in a park. Plus, the feel and input between thumb controlling and purpose based peripherals for true accuracy and feedback in these type of games is elephantine and a big concern for true aficionados of the aforementioned. I gotta give Nintendo an A for innovation though.

joeorc418d ago


[If the system isnt powerful enough then there wont be a lot of support by third party developers. Silly Gamers can talk about how specs are irrelevant with a device like nes switch but previous nes devices should be a big indicator of why third party support is very important. ]

You also have to think about what Nintendo is targeting with this platform for 3rd party developers & Publishers..this is designed to target Smartphone & Smart platform chipset developers like tablets, Smart TV's , streaming Box's etc.

They are clearly going this route, for harvesting talents in such a developer's absolutely brimming with Developers & publishers..the DS for instance is while a great platform , this is geared more to grabbing the smartphone and tablet developer & is less about power and more about offering such Publisher's and developers a platform that is both a mobile & living room console at the same time..I mean you had the Nvidia shield , systems that can do such but again Nintendo's brand power for such allows more market penetration for such over Nvidia in this's not that Nvidia shield is a bad or poor system, far from it..its just this time within the case of Nintendo it's one of such a platform that maybe exactly what Smartphone & tablet developers have been looking for.

MADGameR418d ago

Its going to be weaker than the PS4 probably. Knowing how cheap Nintendo is.

freshslicepizza418d ago

OK so she's playing on her big screen and then switches to portable so they can all hover around looking at a small tablet? No thanks not interested in portability but if it added no cost then it would not be a problem but it will add cost at the expense of making a more powerful console

SniperControl418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Kinda reminds me of the Nvidia shield tablet a little bit. Think all the gubbins are in the tablet screen and that dock is just a HDMI connection to your TV, anyway, i'am really hyped for it, but it needs that 3rd party support commitment though before i buy.

dedicatedtogamers418d ago

Unified library is a big deal. Gamers who want to play Handheld franchises (Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Mario & Luigi, Fire Emblem, etc) but don't want to use the small screen and small controls now have an option. Handheld gamers who wanted more beefy hardware now have an option. Nintendo's first party developers can just focus on one hardware platform and the hardware itself grants the flexibility to play it on TV or on the go. The notion that EVERY 1st party Nintendo developer will be on one platform is kind of a big deal.

Don't believe me? Just go look up a full list of 1st-party 3DS and Wii U games, combine them, and ask yourself "is this a pretty good library of games?" Heck yeah it is!

And for people like me... I bought a 3DS (three of 'em over the years, actually) and a Wii U because I want the games on those systems. The Switch will save me money, since I can just buy one piece of hardware for a unified library instead of having to buy both.

Ju418d ago

ABizzel, this isn't a PowerPC nor is it x86. This is based on ARM like any cellphone or tablet. I'm curious how many cores and how fast those Wil be. Hope to hear more from Nvidia soon

joab777418d ago

We see Skyrim and Zelda looks great. I think gamers will sacrifice a little power for the ability to literally take it anywhere. This is something I wish Sony had invested more in with a new Vita.

Limegreen418d ago

You are kidding right have you seen the size of the console and the cartridges, this will be as powerful as a tablet nowhere near PS4.

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DragoonsScaleLegends418d ago

I will never like the Xbox stick placement...

demonddel418d ago

Xbox stick placement is the best in all of gaming

mozzie418d ago

everybody uses xbox stick placement except your DS4..

candystop418d ago

I will never like the placement of Playstation controller sticks either. As a matter a fact I've never liked them since the 1st Playstation. It's surely preference and I'm so happy to see Nintendo go this route instead of your preference.

italiangamer418d ago

Actually, Nintendo invented that kind of stick placement with the Gamecube.

Utalkin2me418d ago (Edited 418d ago )


Yeah if your thumbs are not symmetrical. Or maybe one thumb was stuck in a chinese handcuffs and they stretched that one thumb trying to get it out. Or maybe you have pigeon thumbs. Or maybe one thumb got mutilated in a car accident.


"I love the "symmetrical" argument. Absolutely hilarious in its ignorance. "

The reason why is cause you cant argue it. And the switch weapon is triangle, so no i dont have to move my left thumb to switch. Just shows how little you know.

UnHoly_One418d ago

I love the "symmetrical" argument. Absolutely hilarious in its ignorance.

It means nothing. Why do both sides of the controller have to be the same? Your thumbs are both constantly moving and doing separate things anyway. That's just such a stupid argument.

Here's a homework assignment for you.

Grab an Xbox controller and a Dualshock.

Pretend you are playing an FPS and the Dpad is used to switch guns or maybe you're playing an RPG and it switches spells or equipment.

Now, you can use you left thumb to hit the Dpad of course, but what if you want to keep running forward while switching weapons? Reach over and tap the Dpad with your right thumb.

Ok, now tell me which controller worked that way and which one was awkward to the point of being useless?

And that, my friends, is just one of many reasons that PlayStation controllers are the worst controllers in gaming.

Mr Marvel418d ago

I love the Dualshock stick placement.

After using the Dualshock 4, I never want to use another controller.
Apart from it's average battery life, this controller is perfect imo.

indyman77418d ago

Why all the stick comments? You people did notice that there is a ABSOLUTELY regular controller they showed at the end of the official reveal right? Just like Wiiu has always had a regular controller so will this one.

I hate how people who have NO idea about Wiiu always assumed and judged it for not having a regular controller when it did. Just go to a video game store and look. Please dont start the same lies with the Nintendo Switch!

UnHoly_One418d ago

Indyman, the stick comments started because of the placement of the stick. Their regular controller, and even the one that clips on the sides of the screen has the left stick in the upper position, above the Dpad, like an Xbox controller

Gunstar75418d ago

The layout on the xbox controller was a design choice, the position of the analogue sticks on the dualshock were as a result of having to fit them on to an existing design.

418d ago
ITPython418d ago

The left stick on the xb controller isn't ergonomically correct. If you let your thumbs rest while holding a controller they sit in the same positions as the PS controller sticks.

candystop418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Nintendo GameCube might have released 1st in Japan but for the record the original Xbox "Duke" controller did make its 1st initial reveal at the Game developers conference in 2000, one year prior to the release and showing of GameCube. Not saying who copied who but Nintendo and MS so know how to make a good controller.

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Aceman18418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Very cool concept, but I hate the name even though it makes sense lol. The usuals from them looked great, but I'm still not sold on them getting full 3rd party support.

I'm guessing the diehard ninty fans didn't like my comment even though I'm actually liking what I see here.

dotwithshoes418d ago

There is plenty of third party support that has been pledged from pretty most major publishers and devs, including Activision, Capcom, Codemasters, FROM Software, Sega, Square Enix, WB, Ubisoft(of course), THQ Nordic, Take Two, even Bethesda... Looks promising.

Stogz418d ago

@dotwithshoes yeah and ya know what, every time Nintendo releases a new system they release a graphic like that stating all the big 3rd party support, then a year later every single partner stops releasing games for it. See the WiiU and Wii...

SockeyBoy418d ago

Oh Nintendo has me on board too. Hopefully by showing off Skyrim might be a positive note for 3rd party support too. Can't wait.

DeadlyFire418d ago

According to their site they have all major publishers on board. Including EA and Take Two. So we could even see GTA, Mafia, or Red Dead Redemption show up on it.

Good-Smurf418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Yep I'm really impressed,the detachable controller looks great the whole system looked really sleek.
Did I see some Splatoon on Switch,I wanna play that game so bad but never had a chance I'm so getting it now!
Will definitely buy it if the price is right.
And look at all the Switch's 3rd party partner on the site...well done Nintendo you did it,you're back on track!

BullyMangler418d ago

The new Nintendo S, fun times ahead ? the only thing that would be really disappointing to me, is if the NS cant handle current 3rd party support . i want Red Dead on the Switch! .

And that games solar sun effect is hottt!

starchild418d ago

Yeah, it's pretty exciting stuff. I like all of the ideas behind this.

XanderZane418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

The concept is indeed intriguing. I like that the controller can snap into the base of the console or a base to form the controller. Nintendo is always innovating. This is probably what the Wii U should have been. The hardware is very cool though. Now we need to see what the specs are for this systems and what games we'll be playing in March besides Zelda. We need to see more 1st party and 3rd party games for this system. They showed Splatoon, so I wonder if this will be B/C with the Wii U games in any way? Will this be disc and cartridge?

kraenk12417d ago

Did the last girl actually take the Mario game to her friends and played 2-player coop with them?!

Loadedklip417d ago

Incredible how many dislikes you have. It is unquestionably the best looking, most unique portable system we have ever seen and yet .... dislikes. I hate this site sometimes because it is very clear why post like yours has so many dislikes.

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Neonridr418d ago

And there it is.. and I am completely sold.

UltraNova418d ago

Damn I dont know...I ll wait to see what it can actually do in the living room first. 3rd party support?

Neonridr418d ago

no clue.. just a reveal trailer. I mean were the games real games? Was that Skyrim? NBA 2K17?

pompombrum418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

That's the third party support and it's looking great.

@Nenridr - That was definitely Skyrim they shown. If they can nail the hardware so that it's powerful enough to play the remastered version of Skyrim while maintaining decent battery life for portable sessions, it's going to be pretty damn awesome.

Neonridr418d ago

@aiBreeze - damn, no Rockstar listed. But that leads me to believe then we were looking at Skyrim in the reveal video since Bethesda is listed there.

Good-Smurf418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

This were listed on Nintendo Switch site:505 game,Activision,arc system works,Atlus,Bandai Namco,Bethesda,
Capcom,Codemasters,EA,From Software,Level 5,Marvelous!,Maximum Games,Platinum Games,Sega,Spike Chunsoft,Square Enix,Starbreeze Studio,Take Two Interactive,TellTale,ThqNordic ,Tokyo RPG Factory,Ubisoft,
Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment and more.
Pretty good start!

DeadlyFire418d ago (Edited 418d ago )


Take Two is Rockstar's dad. It is listed.

That big old T2 is Rockstar/2K games.

Red_Renegade418d ago

didn't wii u start off with lots of third party support, too?

BEASELY418d ago

You have a console for third party support - It':s called a Playstation or an Xbox.

This is its own thing. And exactly the thing I wanted it to be.

ABizzel1418d ago


That's exactly my concern. That being said Skyrim on the Go, is a good start even if it's a 6 year old game. The problem is we're more than likely going to be seeing nothing but ports once again form 3rd parties and if they don't sell then that support will be completely dried up within a year from EA / Activision, while everyone else slowly fades away.

This is why the hardware is so important for Nintendo Switch (NX / Go were better names). If they have comparable hardware then the effort in porting could still be worthwhile. The problem as well is that games have the franchises already tied to their currently platform of choice, so while it's great for marketing, sales wise these games have already found homes on consoles. Skyrim might be the only major buy for these games.

There are genres that just work on handhelds and RPGs are one of them. But back again to the hardware, the battery life needs to be able to handle these games.

I'm very interested, but they need to reveal the final details of the NX, such as hardware and battery life. I don't care about screen resolution too much, 720p is more than enough. Many of us come from playing an a 3DS screen which has a poor resolution and no one complains about that.

I'm just glad Nintendo will finally be able to put all their efforts into one device, they don't need a console and a handheld, because one of the two always suffer now that games are taking longer to develop and need more money and resources.

This should be one of Nintendo's standout moments in gaming.

indyman77418d ago

spikechunsoft, squarenix, EA, UBISOFT, CAPCOM, Konam....ignore that one....lots of big names there!

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leahcim418d ago

same here man same here, I don´t have a wii U I only hope I can play Xenboblade on the Switch

_-EDMIX-_418d ago

Sold on what? The leaks that we all told you were actually true? Detachable controller that it's a handheld that could out to a TV docking station? Basically everything was revealed already prior to this and yet you were out here commenting on all these polls as if it was not true like I said before what platform do you know that ever released or been announced in complete silence?

I'm completely sold too but I've been sold for well over a year when I believed that the concept was merely going to be a handheld simply based on the name nx, x I'm Japan means cross like a crossover and as soon as they stated the name I knew exactly what they were going to do they were no longer creating dedicated consoles and that their next handheld was going to be a hybrid because they could not afford to actually keep producing dedicated consoles.

Buddy we've been saying that this is what the device was for well over a year now you're just late to the party.

You believe leaks now bud?

Neonridr418d ago

we all knew it was going to be a hybrid. Nobody ever denied that. That has been a long standing rumour for ever. We still don't know a lot about it. Is it wi-fi only? How does it achieve connections with other switches? Are the detachable controllers simply just wireless controllers? Do they allow for motion like wiimotes? What resolution is the screen? How much internal storage does it have? What are the system specs? There is still a lot of questions to be answered. All we can confirm now is it is a hybrid, which was basically confirmed by the Pokemon developers like a month ago, it uses cartridges, and has detachable controllers.

You got the name wrong though.

Mr Marvel418d ago

I'm very impressed, but if it's not on par with the current gen for power, then I'll probably skip it.

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slate91418d ago

Nintendo might have a hit here.

TankCrossing418d ago

Maybe. Or maybe it'll be perceived as less powerful than a home console, and less portable than a mobile phone.

As with every console, they need to deliver games that people really want to play...

slate91418d ago

To me it looks like this thing can play AAA games and all of their mobile games on 3ds which would be huge.

indyman77418d ago

Slate91 you just said a mouthful! That is why I would buy it if it was only as powerfull as a 360! Because if I could finally play all those JRPG's on my tv I would be in heaven (people dont realize jrpg's did not go away they went to handhelds).

And since it is cartridge based I would think it will be able to play ds and and 3DS games. Plus this is a tablet sized screen! And did you noticed it allowed split screen? And the controller would allow two players too?

Guyfamily999418d ago

If it has real third party support I think I'm on board.

ninjazfistz418d ago

I wonder if the base station upscales or how much processing it adds. Will it be sold seperate and what price.

notachance418d ago

it's perfect for console gamers that's looking for second console, and for the handheld gamers it's like the flagship go-to device.
Add to that they're gonna release it in the middle of console generation where most of console player already owned their first choice, most likely starting to look for a second console, smart move I'd say.

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