Angels Love Online Coming to PS3 On September 25th

Free downloadable MMO "Angles Love Online" will be coming to the PS3 on September 25th according to a Japanese website.

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Veronica Belmont3540d ago

This one really got passed me, I havent heard anything on it up until now, if its true it will be great and just the first in a long line of a new console genre of mmo's.

PoSTedUP3540d ago

yea this is a surprise, its good to see sony sticking with their motto though, ("its yours for free!") <---- sonys motto XD......good looks sony. : )

yea their are plenty more on the way, Free Realms will be excellent for the kids, and maybe get them to buy a ps3 ; )

Chubear3540d ago

but I've got to love the strategy Sony's implementing with MMOs for the PS3. I really think it'll pay off big for them down the road.

Heck, look at me, I'm not into MMOs but I'll still try them all out for free and who knows, I may like & support one or two this gen and that will be one more customer that the developers wouldn't have had at all if it wasn't free to begin with.

So if they can pull in hundreds of thousands or even millions of people like me, that aren't traditional MMO fans, and get those millions of gamers that love MMOs too, this could be a great decent left to the genre on consoles.

sumfood4u3539d ago

Guess my Birthday Wish comming True! Wahoo

vhero3540d ago

The first of many a free MMO? that can only mean GREAT things this would NEVER be seen on 360 as MS couldn't make a penny on it.

AAACE53540d ago

I wasn't going to come in here, but I knew there was some negativity going on in here!

@Postedup... Tell me one kid that is sitting on $400 and wondering which system to buy?

@vhero... MS does give stuff away for free, from games to movies to gamerpics to themes to videos to downloadable content and lets not forget demos. Seriously, GT: Prologue was a demo you paid $40 for! I played it and besides the beautiful graphics... the gameplay hasn't evolved much!

But really, are you guys that happy for a game that is directly targeted at girls? Or are you just happy about having something to shoot at 360 owners?

Le-mo3540d ago

You're lame, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has more contents than most full priced racing games and cost only $40. You say the gameplay hasn't change much, but you seem to forget that Gran Turismo is a RACING game, how can you alter the gameplay?

3540d ago
Aclay3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

By the title of this game, I can definantly tell from Japanese developers...

Lumbo3540d ago

hmm, i thought it was more korean than japanese.

Hentai3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Hopefully it will come to state.

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The story is too old to be commented.