Want a (relatively) cheaper PS3? Go to Korea

Sony finally got around to proclaiming the death of the 40GB Playstation 3/Sixaxis package and announcing the 80GB/Dualshock 3 replacement in other regions. Sony Computer Entertainment America presented the 80GB PS3 at their E3 press conference and said it would be sold for $399 in North America.

In South Korea the same package is being sold for 388,000 won or $359 American dollars. Not too shabby considering the Xbox 360 price break in North America and Japan doesn't apply there. The hard drive-less Xbox 360 Arcade still costs 299,900 won ($270) in Seoul.

Korean PS3s have an additional feature, Mega TV. This high definition IPTV service makes the PS3 a set top box for news and tear jerking Korean dramas.

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Veronica Belmont3507d ago

You could use the money for the trip to korea to but 3 PS3's any were else.

coolfool3507d ago

They should have compared the korean prices with the European prices.