Real Gamer: Mount & Blade Preview

Real Gamer writes: "Developers seem to be mixing genres in order to create new playing experiences and this is exactly what Turkish developers TaleWorlds have done with Mount & Blade an action combat focused role-playing game. We got a Hands On with an early build of the game and whilst it wasn't perfect it does show the games promise.

Mount & Blade is fairly different from most role-playing games featuring sandbox gameplay that allows you to play the game pretty much how you want to. The game allows you to travel to various locations such as villages, towns and castles via a world map. Here you can take part in trade undertake quests to hunt down bandits, recruit men to lead into battle or if you wish pillage and loot the village. The sandbox gameplay gives an unprecedented amount of freedom to how you play the game. However, it does seem to have one negative effect and that is the game seems to have the absence of any storyline, something that is key in role-playing games and may result in many people classing Mount & Blade as an action strategy game."

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