Real Gamer: Madden NFL 09 Review

Real Gamer writes: "EA Sports' Madden games have been regarded as the benchmark for NFL simulations for sometime now, but despite this EA always find a way to tweak the game a little more even if it is only a minor tweak here and there. Now celebrating its 20th Anniversary EA promised fans some of the biggest changes in recent years for Madden 09 but some may not be that useful after all!

EA Sports have added no less 85 gameplay enhancements to Madden 09, some are more notable then others but it's fair to say there's only one major addition that changes the way in which you play the game. That is of course the new "My Skills" feature which adapts the games difficulty to the way you play. This is initially set by taking a Madden IQ test in the games all new Virtual Training centre. In the test you have to complete a series of offensive and defensive passing and rushing tests. At the end of the test you are given an IQ score which is used to set the My Skills difficulty setting of the game. This then adapts every time you play a game and adjusts various aspects based on your performance. While this may sound like a good idea to provide a good enough challenge it is significantly flawed!"

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