An Exclusive Look At Fracture's Arsenal (Wired Video)

Combat in Fracture, LucasArts' upcoming sci-fi shooter, is all about terrain deformation: if you can stand on it, chances are the weapons you're equipped with will be able to affect it.

This video, produced by LucasArts and available exclusively on, is the third in a series of developer mini-documentaries on the game's development process. This installment focuses on the arsenal you'll be taking into battle.

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Hagaf223599d ago

i must say my interest for this game before that video was low, but after watching that, ill definitely be keeping an eye on this game...

FCOLitsjustagame3599d ago

According to the gamespot release list this comes out Oct 7. Is that true, because thats like 4 weeks out and I haven't heard much on this game. Is there going to be a single player? That footage (which did look kinda cool) looked like all multiplayer.