Xbox Japan Price Reduction START!

Set your watches. Starting today, Xbox Japan has another go at that cruel mistress collectively known as the people of Japan. The Xbox 360 is marked down to ¥39,800 (US$371) from the original ¥47,800 ($445). The Xbox 360 Arcade version is now priced at ¥19,800 ($184) compared to its original ¥27,800 ($259) price-tag, making it cheaper than the Nintendo Wii

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dro3480d ago

just no!!!!! nothing can save the 360 in japan!!! not even a price cut, as long as ff13 is exlusive to ps3 in japan this price cut will not help....i guess ms plan is to just keep cutting there price, remember when they cut there price in europe sales went up by %150 and after a few weeks it was back to normal which means the ps3 started out selling it again.

Bladestar3480d ago

You may be right... but don't think for a second that no one in japan will want to play Star Ocean 4... that game is bigger than Tales of Vasperia which sold very well...

AAACE53480d ago

With the price being so cheap now, people may just give it a try just yo see what it's all about. Those who didn't buy it yet (99% of japanese people), it is cheaper than the Wii, cost a bit more than a DS, and has a few games they might be interested in!

I don't think it's the greatest plan, but it could move a few units for a short time!

And fanboys don't hate so much! If they really did drop the price to $99... it would sell. Why.... because people like to buy stuff when the price is cheap!

Rockstar3480d ago

Price isn't what is holding the 360 back in Japan.

This has been discussed many, many times.
Japan likes their own product plain and simple.

rebirthofcaos3480d ago

JAY the ps3 and wi will be dead /sarcasm

Aclay3480d ago

The Xbox 360 could be 10 bucks and it wouldn't matter. As long as FFXIII is exclusive to the PS3 in Japan, the PS3 will continue to outsell it.

The 360 is cheaper than the Wii in Europe and the PS3 outsells the 360 over there and it's obvious that price doesn't always matter.... plus, the Japanese will always prefer a product from a Japanese hardware company like Sony and Nintendo.

Drekken3480d ago

They might break 1000 units next week!

DavidMacDougall3480d ago

That can be took either way

Drekken3480d ago


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