Fight Night Round 4's Sneak Peek

IGN writes: "At the GameStop eXpo, store managers and executives were shown a number of titles behind closed doors that will be coming out at the tail end of 2008 and in 2009. One of the games highlighted by EA Sports was their upcoming boxing title, Fight Night: Round 4, which showcased some of the first in-game footage seen of the title. According to N'Gai Croal on his blog, the big terms thrown out to describe the title revolved around physics-based boxing, something called "R.E.A.L. A.I.," close up boxing that was more improved than that of Round 3, and height and reach differences between boxers."

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PoSTedUP3512d ago

Iron Mike for the win! oh man i cant wait to knock some heads.

DavidMacDougall3512d ago

Shame they wasted time on Facebreaker when this could have been done in half the time

ceedubya93512d ago

They should have released this game a loooooooooong time ago. I can't believe we've had to wait this long.

Facebreaker was a missed opportunity. Maybe if they put Fight Night controls in the game instead of making it a button masher, it would have turned out better.

mikeslemonade3512d ago

To me this game is more antcipated just because the last one was a couple years ago. I couldn't say the same if the game came out every year with minor upgrades.

marinelife93512d ago

N'gai says that the graphics aren't much of a leap at all over Fight Night 3. That sucks I was hoping for further improvement especially with the amount of time they've had.

mfwahwah3512d ago

Fight Night Round 3 still looks spectacular. Asking for more would make me feel like a graphics whore.

They're improving the physics and AI (read: Game play), and that's all I truly ask for.

JBaby3433512d ago

With really only two main characters on screen I wonder how many polys each person is pushing. It should be through the roof. While the graphics in Round 3 were great I am hoping they upped them a little especially now that they should be much more familiar with PS3 architecture as well as squeezing out that much more from the 360.

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Fishy Fingers3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Woot! Fight Night is easily my favourite EA sports franchise. We'd probably be on the verge of FN Round 4 now if they hadn't wasted their time on that other boxing game (name escapes me).

Edit: FaceBreaker.

Why o why3512d ago

but im hoping this boxing game is better than the last. Boxing games seem to lack fluidity. They move more like puppets than boxers despite the motion capture and great graphics.

PoSTedUP3512d ago

but EA canned eaBIG and thats where the SSX franchise came from, so i hate them with a passion now for doing that cause my most anticipated game for this gen was a SSX game and they just crapped on my hopes and dreams : (

JBaby3433512d ago

EA Big was my favorite as all the SSX games were great. Don't worry Posted Up the new Shawn White game looks like it's shaping up to be excellent. I need a good snowboarding game so here's hoping.

awful3512d ago

Hope they include Kostya Tzu in this one :-)

d2dahoopa3512d ago

this is the best game what EA make in my opinion anyways
im buying this

B_Rian893512d ago

ive been waiting so long for this. i thought they were going to start a new franchise tho. like the jump from Knockout Kings to Fight Night

d2dahoopa3512d ago

where can you go from this though, there is not much more that they can put into the game

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