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Quote from article: " Has MS stuck Halo Wars with a PR Plasma grenade..."

For those of you who didn't catch the news, Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires creators and current developers of the forthcoming Halo Wars, was officially closed down yesterday by Microsoft. That's right; some genius at Microsoft has announced the closure of a developer developing one of its key titles BEFORE their last game has even been released. Smooth moves indeed.

Details are fairly scarce at the moment, but amid the chaos, two important questions arise: why was this awesome, pioneering studio shut down, and will this decision ruin the still incomplete Halo Wars?

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LastDance3594d ago

excusssssssse me....are we talking...the stuido that made Age of empires??????

HighDefinition3594d ago

It`s doesn`t look good losing so many studios, it doesn`t HELP your image.

Especially Bungie/Emsmeble, not being 1st party anymore

PimpHandStrong3594d ago

i really dont care


Halo Wars must not be all that great for them to do this!

i guess we will see next year

ArmrdChaos3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago ) MS closes the studio down. The bigger question is where are these developers going? Are they leaving to create a new company, going to a competing company, MS absorbing them into some new internal MS development company yet to be announced?

Edit: Ahh...didn't get page 3...pretty much explained there.

HighDefinition3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Their making them NOT 1st party.

Which means if they don`t want the don`t HAVE to make anything for them.

Let me put it this way.....If Bungie wanted to they could make a PS3 game.

The Lazy One3594d ago

Bungie has a publishing contract with MGS. Microsoft has first dibs on publishing rights to any game made by bungie.

Also, Ensemble isn't shutting down until they finish Halo Wars.

luk here:

M$ is shutting down or releasing a lot of their first party studios because of financial reasons. For them it's just easier financially to be a solid publisher for some of these studios rather than the sole financial backer.

Ju3594d ago

...but why not selling the studio or make it independent ? Do they need to shut it down ?

The Lazy One3594d ago

Chances are they don't want the ensemble name going too far away from M$ though. It looked like they were going to help out the executives of ensemble in making their own new studio. Lower people look like they're getting shifted around other M$ places.

it shouldn't be read into too much.

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Fishy Fingers3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Did MS want to close the studio? Or did the developers simply want to go their own way?

Although MS "own" them there are still opinions available to the studio if they decide they no longer like where your at. MS have said that some of them want to set up their own indie studio. Either way, this isn't suicide by any means. It maybe big news now, but like every internet interest, something bigger and better will come along tomorrow and all this will be forgotten. MS and Ensemble going their separate ways is in no way the end of either of them (even if Ensemble are under a different name).

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