Sony thought about developing PS3 voice control for Jeopardy

Let the Dualshock 3 be your buzzer this Thursday when Jeopardy comes to the PlayStation Network. The base game includes online play and 2,500+ questions with more expansion packages scheduled in 2009. The good news is you don't have to worry about spelling errors resulting in an incorrect response, but all of the questions are multiple choice with four possible answers. Let the random guessing begin!

It wasn't always going to be this way. Sony Online Entertainment thought about implementing voice recognition software for Jeopardy. They found the right middleware, but mandatory voice recognition would require all players to have a Bluetooth headset. This would have been a great feature as long as Sony passed on the code they used for Lifeline / Operator's Side. That didn't turn out too well. "Maybe in the next version…" says Shalom Mann, Senior Vice President at Sony Online Entertainment.

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pwnsause3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Lesson learned. Next time pack in the official bluetooth mic and HDMI, the value will increase BTW. seriously, thats where I am forced to give thumbs up on how Microsoft packages their console.

BTW: Jeopardy should integrate Home Avatars to the game. Hopefully they will do this on "the next version" of the game.

blusoops3449d ago

Only the 360 Elite comes w/headset AND HDMI....the Premium comes w/headset but no HDMI...and the Arcade has neither.

Not trying to bash...just clarifying.

Silogon3449d ago

I'm a triva nut and avid gameshow fan, so this game is a must buy for me. I love how it is on PSN too. I'd never pop this one into my system had it been on disc, but since it's easy to access; I'm there.