Gamer 2.0 review: Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise doesn't change much from the first title in terms of originality, but the new additions definitely make it feel more refined. The easier search mechanics and terrain management offer hours of easy playability while the inclusion of multiplayer and the ability to share your garden and adventures with friends is a welcome touch. Trouble in Paradise still brings the same addictive nature that the first game was well known for, but it feels more of like an expansion pack than a full-fledged sequel.

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3SeXtee3416d ago

...that a SEQUEL, to a BRAND NEW IP...and a niche one at getting such great reviews. This game may not sell well, but MS has proven it's faith in Rare is not misplaced. I can't wait for BK3. :)

HyperBear3416d ago

I like how this game got a better average review score than Mercenaries 2. Having said that I havent played any of the viva pinata games and dont plan on it, just cause im not into those types of games. But im glad rare has made a new IP worth talking about, and I still have faith in them that they can make a better Perfect Dark and better new IPs, or remake some of their older classics, unlike some of the people on here, who not only hate M$, but have no faith in Rare anymore. Good goin Rare, keep on goin!!