Star Ocean 4 and the Last Remnant Playable at TGS

Square Enix said Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and the Last Remnant would be at Tokyo Game Show, but in what form? The ambiguous presence might be accredited to where both games are going to be found. Inside the press release announcing Infinite Undiscovery's release in Japan, Microsoft said playable builds of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and the Last Remnant will be inside Microsoft's booth.

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fufotrufo3574d ago

I really can't believe how great star ocean looks :D

HyperBear3573d ago

Last Remnant looks pretty good also, but indeed, Star Ocean does look pretty good. Both will be great JRPGs that will be coming to the 360. Do you know if they are both slated for 2009? or is one coming out this year?

Le-mo3573d ago

The Last Remnant is slated for fall 2008 and Star Ocean: The Lost Hope is slated for fall 2009.

nieto3573d ago

where can i find realtime footage or pics of Star Ocean 4?
or are you people judging by those fake blurred pics?

-don't come disagreeing because that proves nothing. ;-)

ThePhantomDisagreer3573d ago

Why are all the charachters girls? To hell with jrpgs, too bad really because they always have kickass art direction, except for the ladymen you play as.

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g3nkie3573d ago

Still kinda bumed that Sqeenix doesn't have any plans yet to release Star Ocean on the PS3 but still can't wait to see how its shaping up, that and Last Remnant. ^_^

meepmoopmeep3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

wait for the TGS surprise announcement


JD_Shadow3573d ago

That could still happen. I'm not sure what this article is trying to make us suspicious of, but I think it might be that SO4 might not be exclusive.

Here's hoping it does come to the PS3. I think it's about time MS lost an exclusive for a change, especially coming from the same company that screwed Sony at E3.

Bathyj3573d ago

Does anyone else think its funny or see the irony that Star Ocean is subtitled "The Last Hope"?

Bladestar3573d ago

no... I find it funny that with every upcoming new RPG games you guys keep saying it's the xbox 360 last chance.. and yet they keep pumping RPG games left and right...

Bathyj3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Pumping is the right word. You know what else pumps? I'll give you a clue.

It runs through a sewer and is of about the same quality as most of the Xbox's JRPG's.

Now can someone tell me which clown took a bubble just for having a joke. Man you guys are sooks.

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TheColbertinator3573d ago

Great.I can't wait to see more of Star Ocean 4.I've been with Star Ocean for years.

Imallvol73573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Give me Kingdom Hearts, FFXIII, and FFXIII VS please. K THNX BAI!

I have not seen any RPGS that interest me so far in this generation, and yes, I tried to play Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Ugh . . . Infinite Undiscovery has a cool premise but the reviews have made me ready to pass this up. I don't really expect either of these to be any different.

They have so many game in development including huge games like FFXIII, FFXIII VS, Kingdom Hearts, Dissida, etc. etc. They are just handing these games to people to finish and get them out which doesn't make me expect much from any of them.

TheColbertinator3573d ago

I id'nt like Blue Dragon either.But I thought Lost Odyssey was OK

Harry1903573d ago

Wild Arms next gen,Grandia Next gen, Shadow Hearts next gen and Persona 5 next gen.

InMyOpinion3573d ago

The best RPG's this gen are the western ones, such as Oblivion and Mass Effect. I'm more interested in Fallout 3 and Fable 2 than I am in any JRPG at the moment. Might change though, I used to be an avid JRPG gamer.

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