Sidewinder X8 will be wireless and use new tracking tech

Globe and Mail journalist reports from Microsoft's annual hardware event on the Sidewinder X8 gaming mouse, the first wireless mouse in the Sidewinder family.

"...BlueTrack tracking isn't the X8's only improvement over previous Sidewinders; it's also wireless. Some gamers eschew wireless mice, citing a noticeable lag in communication between the mouse and the transceiver that adversely affects the gaming experience. But Microsoft claims to have solved this problem by offering "full speed USB" transfer rates via a 2.4 GHz wireless protocol.

"It's fast enough that even a professional gamer won't be able to detect any latency," explained Bill Jukes, a Product Marketing Manager with Microsoft. Still, we'll have to wait until launch to see whether hardcore gamers-a notoriously finicky bunch-are satisfied with Microsoft's wireless technology..."

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