Hideo Kojima criticizes over-hyped games, completely misses the irony

Metal Gear Solid 4 creator Hideo Kojima, who promoted the game with a rock star launch party here in the United States, has today criticized the game industry for over hyping video games and hurting sales.

The complaint arrived via a job posting at the Kojima Productions web site, were Kojima lamented that "the creativity of video games is now on the verge of crisis. Massive advertising campaigns are executed for games before their entertainment values are put into consideration all too often, resulting in sell-off tactics happening without hesitation." (translated at Kotaku)

Meanwhile, it's interesting to note that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has yet to reach 1 million units sold in Japan. Add to that the fact that almost half the unsold copies hit the Japanese bargain bins less than a month after release, and Kojima's "rant" against gaming takes on a whole new light.

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Le-mo3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

None of the previous Metal Gear Solid games sold 1 million copies in Japan so this is not a surprise.

sonarus3627d ago

MGS4 sold remarkably well for the PS3 in JP.

Time Lord3626d ago

Kojima is VG Developer, HE didn't 'promoted the game with a rock star launch party ' it was Konami who did it and rightly so, they've spent a fortune making this game, so they going to do everything in their power to see some return.

mikeslemonade3626d ago

I don't care about software sales and as long as they're solid I don't care. It's about hardware sales and MGS4 did the job.

Evocation3626d ago

Plus only 4 games this gen have gotten over 1million in Japan, wiifit, mario kart, super mario party and super smash bro's.

mfwahwah3626d ago

Ever hear of Monster Hunter?

Megatron083626d ago

he right and probably for the 1st time in his life overhyping leaded to one of the worse games ever made selling millions. Yes that game is mgs4 I've never played a worse game in my life.

Evocation3626d ago

MH is on a handheld, loads of DS games have sold over a mill too but meh

jaysquared3626d ago

LOL! Look at the PS3 fans in damage control... Its a dissapointment for MGS4 not to sell 1 million copies in Japan 4 months after it was released. PS3 fans made that game as the second coming of christ and as a system seller but didnt do that in Sony's home turf!! LOL!! Seriously Halo2 and 3 sold that in its first minute in MS home turf! Looks like Sony has just lost its home turf to Nintendo!

Hawkeyes3153626d ago

Metal Gear Solid has never had any success in Japan. It's an American game. It's actual plot is centered around American politics and how America's army could one day become privatized. Themes of control. Ect..

The only countries this game should do well in is the following:
United States, China, and Russia (it's that simple).

Halo does well because it's an overhyped mess ever since Halo 1, and it's plot is absoluetly ridiculous in nature and doesn't feed to the hard core gamer crowd. The only thing Halo has going for it is MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY. Halo has excellent Multiplayer, however, as a game it absolutely sucks. Oh and Halo 3's graphics look like Doom 3 reborn.

Ateanboy3626d ago

I bought MGS4 at launch...

And the game is awesome.

Halochampian3626d ago

you do realize that software sales are the most important?? Dont You?

xhairs93626d ago

the new gamesdaily? Where's what's his face from games daily?

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eagle213627d ago

Or Super Mario Galaxy has sold 980,000 copies in Japan?

So 650,000 units for MGS4 in Japan is very good for only 3 months.

The 360 sold a whopping 840 console units last week in japan. Wow, soooo amazing. :P

3SeXtee3627d ago

Halo 3 is a Western FPS....110K is fvcking AMAZING, for dork. :o

eagle213627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I listed that only to show japanese sales. And the AMAZING Metal Gear Solid 4 appeals more to western crowds too.

What's your point 3sextee? Halo, Galaxy, and MGS4 all have fans who love it.

edit: disagree? I guess Metal Gear Solid 4 and Super Mario Galaxy only have fans who love them. MGS4 is simply amazing. :P

radzy3627d ago

thats if they regard metal gear 4 as a game and not a movie.

shiiiiiiittttt game

Ariexv3626d ago

You do realize Halo 3 has sold over 4x as many copies worldwide as MGS4 right?

play_b3yond3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I think you need to work on your math. MGS 4 sold 4 million copies in only three months. Halo 3 sold 11 million copies in 1 year. That is close to 3X with Halo 3 being out for about 1 year and MGS 4 being out for only 3 months. Halo 3 sold about 8.1 million copies in 5 months so give MGS 4 another 2 month and watch it sell another 1-2 million copies. They are going to be really close at the end of thier life spam. Halo 3 sold about 8.1 million copies after 5 months and MGS 4 sold about 4 million copies in 3 months and I think it is going to get close to 5-6 million in the next month or two. Xbox also had a greater userbase when halo 3 came out than the userbase ps3 had when MGS 4 came out. Both are good games and they deserve what they got. Hopefully we will see more of these masterpieces in the future.

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Harry1903627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

But an epiphany.

StephanieBBB3627d ago

Whats ironic is that Hideo Kojima is so incredible when it comes to thinking out plots and twists in storys but when it comes to dressing himself it's like watching a fat kid in the middle of the ocean...

eagle213627d ago

Nor Halo 3 (only 110,000 freakin' copies), so what's the point?

Kojima is a genius. MGS4 is amazing. Nuff said.

The link is for Galaxy in Japan.....

INehalemEXI3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Indeed, MGS4 is a modern day masterpiece. I too fail to see irony.

Its not just great on a graphical level or just great on a gameplay level. Its Story spans many games and is told very well. Critically acclaimed it not only sold itself but many ps3's via bundles. MGO is very fun too despite a couple issues.

I almost bought a second ps3. That Limited Edition Gun metal MGS4 PS3 bundle.

eagle213627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

It's a masterpiece. It's made for the MGS fans and all core gamers.

(japanese sales)
Super Mario Galaxy.... 980K
Metal Gear Solid 4..... 650K (3 months only)
Halo 3....110K

(vgchartz data.....sorry, it's what I could find)

This is only to show japanese sales. Each game I listed has it's own set of fans who love it. MGS4 is easily one of the best games ever made. :)

jay33627d ago

You're right in that it's made for MGS fans. Core gamers is arguable, considering what you consider a core gamer and whatnot but that's a whole new can of worms.

I thought MGS4 was good, but no way a masterpiece. It was more of a fan service.

BattleAxe3627d ago

The difference is that MGS4 is one of the best games of all time. Here are the real over hyped game culprits:

1. HALO 3
2. GTA 4
3. BattleField: Bad Company

Dmitry Orlov3626d ago

If Halo 3 was so over-hyped, it wouldn't sell 8.19million copies worldwide.

Jikla3626d ago

Halo 3 was just an impulse buy from me. I was spammed by so much commercials that i thought: A game with theese many commercials can't be that bad. I ended up somewhere between confused and sad. Why wasn't it longer, and why wasn't I finishing the fight?

I guess I and many other people look at this as an impulse buy. That is if you haven't played the 2 previous games (and read the book?). Halo 3 only get's 3/10 from my side. They should have prioitized single player and made an more complex story.

BabyStomper50003626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

"If Halo 3 was so over-hyped, it wouldn't sell 8.19million copies worldwide. "

It would, and it did because lots and lots of sheeple bought it.

@above: I agree, except for the score. I'd give it a 5-6/10.

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Nathan25873627d ago

MGS series really has more of an American story that I dont think people in other countries really get. For a Japanese developer it really goes in deep with American History and putting a twist on it. Even goes as far as loyalty to America via MGS3. I mean its the exact opposite of how I would think someone from another country would try and portray America.

There is some heavy deep stuff, especially in MGS3.

MGS4 on the other has two old men as the Protaganist and the antagonist. I dont think Japanese gamers relate well to that.
But I really think it hits hard an America though because it kinda reminds me of the movie No Country for Old Men.

iceman28853626d ago

"MGS4 on the other has two old men as the Protaganist and the antagonist. I dont think Japanese gamers relate well to that."

Fo real. If you watch any Japanese anime the main character is at most 16 years old.