Kotaku missed the point, and an opportunity, when reporting on "Muslim Massacre"

John from Negative Gamer writes:

"As I was trying to catch up on the days news I stumbled across a Kotaku article about [Muslim Massacre]. Instead of a defensive and critical look at the game as a political statement, there is a PR friendly non-article showing no shred of personal reaction to the game. The article just reads out the facts like it's not worth making a fuss over. [...] [Kotaku] let gamers down"

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name3574d ago

I really don't see how kotaku should be expected to defend a game called Muslim massacre, satire or not. No one would defend a game specifically about killing women or killing homosexuals. I would say a game about killing blacks, but they made several on pc and they got defended to death.

UnSelf3574d ago

"I would say a game about killing blacks"

plz clarify

nbsmatambo3574d ago

this just fuels the fire for Kotaku

lol, its not like any1 really likes them =/

name3574d ago

Ethnic Cleansing, The Turner Diaries, and N***er. All on PC. Google or look up torrents if you want.

badz1493574d ago

why would anybody want to make this game and then come as far as to defend it? these people with this kind of mentality whom are making the world more and more unsafer and less piece place to live! it's true that games are just entertainment but making it bring along the sentiment of insulting religion or race seems too wrong! Kotaku has gone to a new LOW with this! DAMN kotaku and DAMN who ever made this game!

wardrox3574d ago

Kotaku didn't really have an opinion on the game. They mearly reported on it's existence and that people who know nothing about videogames are condemning it. I think that's where the problem is.

If it's going to be condemned for being in poor taste, at least let us gamers do it!

3574d ago
mariusmal3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

i saw many websites just reporting it and not condemning. why only kotaku took the heat ? i agree with the above, at least let us gamers do it.

hey i'm not defending kotaku. i stopped reading their articles. tired of findin 2 good articles in the middle of 200 bad ones

Ozzyb3574d ago

If this is really the best idea you can come up with for a game.. Then you should probably take up basket-weaving. Aside from games based on history, I don't see why any game should involve the killing of any specific race, color, religion or people with certain beliefs.

As for Kotaku, I personally think that they are sh#t, but at the same time, I wouldn't expect them to take any moral high-ground. I already think so lowly of them, that had they actually said something worth-while, I would be very, VERY surprised.

People who make games like this are sad, and people who act as though this should be common-place are just as sad.

Timesplitter143574d ago

Kotaku is a gigantic pile of armpit hair

Panipal20053574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I found this comment on the game interesting:-

'"But Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of The Ramadhan Foundation, Britain’s leading Muslim youth organisation, said that the game glamorised violence against Muslims whether or not it was satirical.

“Encouraging children and young people in a game to kill Muslims is unacceptable, tasteless and deeply offensive,” he said.'

Whereas, Muslim extremists encourage young people to kill Westerners (they've got their own derogatory term for us which is 'kuffar' how cute is that?) and Jews 24/7, in their preachings, and those people they influence go ahead and do so or make serious attempts to do so, and this Shafiq character has what exactly to say about that?

The Shafiqs of the world should just STFU.

'“If it was the other way around, with a game featuring Muslims killing Israelis or Americans, there would be uproar and rightly so."'

Methinks however he overestimates the 'uproar' there IS over the sort of things muslim extremists DO come out with, over which our media is more likely to make excuses for and shout something about it not being true Islam...not trying to convince the extremists of this, you understand, but rather trying to convince US.

Because WE'RE the problem. Muslim extremists, terrorists, and murderers are NOT.

'“We would urge ISPs to take action against sites like this.”'

No doubt many would support this fascistic call for censorship, the very same people who would have fits if you suggested something similar regarding the sort of murderous propaganda Muslim extremists come out with. Oh yes, again they'd be making EXCUSES for why that propaganda shouldn't be taken as seriously as this silly little game...seconds before accusing you of 'Islamaphobia' because they know their double standards make no sense and can't be defended logically.

InMyOpinion3574d ago

In poor and uneducated parts of the world people tend to rely on religion more. As they don't get the same wealth of information and education, and don't share the same high standard of living as us westerners do it's easier for things like fanaticism and fundamentalism to grow.

Btw, muslim extremists are a very small part of the muslims. You can find all kinds of religious fundamentalists in the US as well. You don't need to look further than the president, George Bush. He's a new born christian.

Rock Bottom3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

You really have no idea what you're talking about are you?

Let me tell you something, back in WW2 when Nazis were promoting their race as the "superior race" and when they were killing the Jews for the sole reason of being Jew, they did it by the name of Christianity, the same thing with Army of God, Aryan Nations, Ku Klux Klan and Christian Patriots, they all used terrorism by the name of Christianity.

Does that mean all Christians approves of such things?
Can you accuse Christianity for being a religion which count men superior to women, white people superior to black people and allows the killing of black people and Jews, just because some Christians(extremists) do believe so?

The same thing with Muslims, because of a punch of extremists Islam has been been accused of being a terrorist religion, as for this game it's obvious from the title alone that it's directed against Islam as whole.

One more thing, "kuffar" isn't a term to describe Westerners, Kuffar means atheists.

shine13963574d ago

@interesting...the way you treated ideals and actual living breathing people. The ideal you placed higher: 'No doubt many would support this fascistic call for censorship'.

Ozzyb3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Yes, you are absolutely right. I could not have said it better myself.

@5. I hope you don't truly think like that, and if you do, I feel sorry for you. I think the most foolish thing any person can do is judge another person on things that they do not understand. I have met many awesome people and many terrible people from every race, nationality and religion.. and for me to assume that that great person or that bad person defines all the rest of similar background would (should) label me as a complete fool.

I really hope more people realize things as you two do, Jenzo and Rock Bottom. Ignorance is a very ugly thing.

Bubbles btw ~

Panipal20053574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

@ Rock Bottom

Tell me, what are Christian fundamentalists doing in the here and now that compares to what Muslim extremists have done in recent (that's RECENT) history?

Oh and, Godwin's law, you lose.

I doubt you'd condemn Muslim terrorists with as much enthusiasm as you try to turn the discussion around onto the sins of so-called Christians. Is there some reason why you want to remain blind to the CURRENT sins of Muslims?

Oh and, what would YOU say to a muslim terrorist to convince them that their interpretation of Islam was wrong? What would YOU say to THEM?

@ shine1396

Is that what you'd say to a Muslim holding up a sign about how they want to annihilate Europeans in the name of their religion?

You see we're far more at risk of muslim believers being incited by the sort of stuff they're preached by 'extremists' who strangely have no problems finding a mosque at which to preach to an audience, than muslims are of people being 'incited' to violence by this game. The ratio's like 1:1,000,000,000 in their 'favour'.

Or, if you disagree, you could tell me how many people you think will be killed or attacked because of this game 'inciting' people. Then if you were honest, you could compare it to the number of people who have been killed or attacked because of Islamic extremist propaganda inciting people.

@ Ozzyb

I also want to know what you'd say to a muslim terrorist to convince him his interpretation of Islam is wrong and yours, presumably, is correct. If you don't answer because you don't WANT to, that'll show who's the ignorant one out of the two of us.

People who don't want to think - and your fawning response marks you out as someone who doesn't - don't get to accuse people who do want to think of being ignorant.

Ozzyb3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

1. You obviously don't read.
2. If you do, not very well.
3. Read 2 and 3 again.
4. You failed to make the distinction between an extremist and an everyday person who happens to be a practitioner of Islam.

Do you see anyone defending extremists here? Look again. If you do, you have your idiot-goggles on.. Don't touch the keyboard again until you take them off. I am not religious so I could give two sh#ts about the "sins" of Christians or Muslims. As an ADULT (<<< I got you there didn't I?) I can distinguish right from wrong as I'm sure those two guys can as well. Nobody was defending the "sins" of any religious people, only trying to make you look at said peoples without so obviously dripping with that disgusting bias. You seem to be SO caught up on what religion people follow that you look far past what kind of people they actually are. If you take into account what faith someone follows in arriving at your (pre)dispositions about them, then you are a complete idiot.

Edit: To answer your question: I would not try to convince a Muslim terrorist of anything because they have already proven that they are far more ignorant than anyone could probably make them realize. They are blinded by their false ideals and proven that they are not to be reasoned with (to say the least). This brings me back to my point! >>>>NOBODY IS DEFENDING TERRORISTS<<<< They can go to Hell (if you believe in Hell) and rot because hurting innocent people is something that should not require religion to realize is wrong.

Panipal20053574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

What's that? You can't, or won't, argue with a muslim terrorist to persuade him that his murderous interpretation of Islam is wrong? What, do you doubt your ability to tell him that you know Islam better than he does? You'd rather make lame insults at me because you think it'd be more worthwhile?

EDIT so you did answer. Too bad your answer fails on a human level. So you wouldn't say s*** to a muslim terrorist, thus accepting his interpretation of Islam as being just as valid as another other interpretation. How very proud you must be of yourself.

Oh and, where did I accuse people of defending terrorists? I expect people to be honest enough to CONFRONT terrorists rhetorically and argue with their interpretation of Islam. How embarrasssing for you that you go off on one accusing ME of not being able to read, and yet demonstrate that you didn't read any of MY posts correctly. I.e. reading something in my posts that WASN'T THERE.

Ozzyb3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I have no idea what the hell you're talking about. You are the only one here claiming that terrorists can be reasoned with, I don't believe anyone else said anything of the sort. If you want to take some time to respond with a coherent statement, be my guest. Also, we are no longer discussing the article at hand, so kindly take it to the Open Zone and upon reading it (if it makes any sense) I will respond.

PS. Try reading what I said this time.

Edit: I think you are trying to catch me in some sort of terribly lame logic trap that you seemed to have been snagged by yourself. You are pretty much having an argument with yourself, seeing as how you are not responding to anything that I said.

shine13963574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I think either you've missed what I'm trying to say or chose to ignore it to spout your own rehetoric...fair enough...

I've heard of an idea as well. Fud.

The market of ideas is a better ideal I think...

I don't think your promoting good will. Your openly projecting your fears and concerns. but that's not the problem..
I can't take you seriously because of this overlapping sense that somehow it's us versus them.
With all due respect what you are saying, but in a more 'acceptable' fashion, is this:
Hippler (1999):
'Islamic fundamentalism has become the principal threat to the survival of regimes throughout the Arab world.'

Hippler (1999) emboldened the claim by using Samuel Huntington of Harvard University who ‘postulated an 'Islamic-Confucian connection' threatening the West, its power and its identity; citing those who linked regional conflict-potential fundamentally with the religion Islam. He used Wimmer's (1998) example to highlight this:
Between Algeria, the Balkans, the Chinese province of Singhiang and Indian Kashmir there currently is no trouble spot in which the conflict potential of the Muslim World is not fanning the flames of conflict and war.” Wimmer (1998) in Hippler (1999).

And in answer is this:

Edward W. Said’s rebuttal, in his book Covering Islam (1981), to such arguments are that ‘turbulence’ in the Muslim world ‘have more to do with social, economic, and historical factors then they do unilaterally with Islam’. The aims of the book are to discuss the modern relationship between the world of Islam, the Arabs and the orient on the one hand and on the other the west, France, Britain and in particular the USA. 'In covering Islam’ the subject,
‘is immediately contemporary; western and specifically American responses to an Islamic world perceived since the early seventies as being immensely relevant and yet antipathetically troubled and problematic.’
Said goes on to accredit his claims with what he says is the 'west’s' version of Islam. That Islam is viewed as a single unified entity rather then the reality of the situation where Islam is a religion which has a wide variety of cultures, societies, languages, as has been my argument:
“In no real way is there a direct correspondence between the ‘Islam’ in common western usage and the enormously varied life that goes on within the world of Islam, with its more then 800,000,000 people, its millions of square miles of territory principally in Africa and Asia, its dozens of societies, states, histories, geographies, cultures”
(Said, 1981)

Edit: notice 1981: this argument is clearly not a new one.

Panipal20053574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Again, accusing me of your own faults, not being able to read, and being so honest about it too. ('I don't know what you're saying, but YOU can't read' is the gist of your posts.)

I didn't say terrorists could be reasoned with, so much as I said that if you believe this game should be banned because it MIGHT incite people who play it to attack Muslims, you should have the intellectual honesty to confront muslim extremists whose propaganda DOES incite terrorists to attack and kill people in greater numbers.

If you think that terrorists have an 'incorrect' understanding of Islam, then logically their understanding of Islam can be corrected to whatever the 'proper' interpretation of Islam would be (which neither you nor anyone else elaborates on, why I wonder). People should be devoting far more effort into tackling muslim extremists than into banning this game.

@ Shine1396

"That Islam is viewed as a single unified entity rather then the reality of the situation where Islam is a religion which has a wide variety of cultures, societies, languages2

So does that mean that people in the West (i.e. not muslims) who say terroristic extremism and 'kill the West and the Jews', is NOT a valid interpretation of Islam, have no business making such claims?

Ozzyb3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

you finally revealed yourself. Took long enough. You are so unmistakably a bigot. You don't even deserve a response and if you really need one, go re-read what I already said. You are so Hell-bent on there being some big, evil religion that you let it seep into what you're saying. Please, don't even try to deny it, just accept it and move on. You keep asking questions that you (being on the internet and all) can find for yourself. If you want to be intolerant, you can do it by your damn self.

Use your last post wisely, it will be your only chance to salvage some respect.

shine13963574d ago to deal with a person who wants to be right rather then righteous... by answering him of course...
your question:

In answer. The implication of your statement implys that by virtue I am correct. your statement:

'So does that mean that people in the West (i.e. not muslims) who say terroristic extremism and 'kill the West and the Jews', is NOT a valid interpretation of Islam, have no business making such claims?'

The above statement is no longer a holistic approach. am I to be thanked....

mariusmal3573d ago

men there's just stupidity everywhere, be it a small group of fanatic muslims, a small group of christians or wahtever. there's always some rotten apples in the basket

Road Dog3573d ago

Thank god someone has common sense.

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