How To Find Earth In Spore

GameXtract writes "Their had been talks that our very own solar system would be implemented into the game. Fortunately Galrith, a Spore player has cut us the slack of having to search every bloody square inch of the map to find Earth. The guide he created shows you his voyage to our solar system, and approximately where you will find it in the game. I myself am picking this game up very shorty after being convinced by Jeff that it was worth the dough. Hopefully it won't be too long till I can make the voyage to earth, and find what goodies I can do with it. Video after the jump!"

Get the video after the jump.

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HighDefinition3596d ago

I found Earth from a "SPORE" once.

tocrazed4you3596d ago

Really neat to bad I don't play spore saving it for LBP

KeiZka3595d ago

... That's absurd. Why leave something possibly very exciting behind, because you anticipate another game? Surely, PC isn't on your "hatred things" list?

LeonSKennedy4Life3595d ago

He's probably more interested in fast gameplay...but with the same amount of customization.

KeiZka3594d ago

Ah, that might be true. Spore might get somewhat slow at times.

WiiJunkii3595d ago

Its sooo slooow... he is sighing in his own video... Its awesome that he found this... but he could have sung us a song or told us a story to pass the time.

xav09713595d ago

Neptune is not on here because its just a minor planet. What he meant to say was Pluto. Neptune is a big gas giant planet

Wii60Fan3595d ago

An easier way to finding sol than this... maybe a cheat code or something. May have to pick this title up.

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