Are Publishers Giving Us Too Many Games In Q4?

AusGamers has produced a mammoth feature outlining 20 games to look forward to in the fourth quarter of 2008, but they also address whether publishers make it difficult for the average gamer to be able to not only choose a great game, but be able to afford multiple games given that the holiday period usually offers far more choice and quality than the rest of the year.

From the feature:
"Like last year, it seems the fourth quarter of 2008 (and a little from Q3 as well), is where the money games are at, and rather than having our lengthy manifest of previews strewn about news archives and hidden among game titles, we've compiled a seminal holiday guide to what's hitting store-shelves by the end of this year (and conversely addressing whether or not it's fair on consumers to have to face so much all at once as opposed to a much more palatable yearly release spread)."

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BubblesDAVERAGE3596d ago

they believe people only buy games at Christmas..

DreamcastFanboy3596d ago

Games get delayed kinda like a year ago when we thought we were going to have GTA4 MGS4 and many more at the same time.

billythepunk3596d ago

Yeah, I agree that sometimes sh!t happens for them to be delayed, but ultimately, the amount of quality and quantity at Q4 Vs the rest of the year is pretty overwhelming - I think something should be done to control this

DA_SHREDDER3596d ago

Wow, you guys amaze me. First everyone b*tches about not having enough games for our consoles,, now your talking about how it sucks to have too many? I say 1 out of 10 games is a good game. So break it down and just get the ones that you think are good and you should have no problems.

billythepunk3596d ago

That's a pretty narrow view of the reality. The reason people are biatching, is because, in the first place there is a drought of good games, then, out of nowhere, there are too many - from a consumer standpoint. The article touches on the idea of spreading releases more evenly throughout the year so then, in theory, no one would biatch for the first two or three quarters about a lack of games, or biatch in the fourth for having too many.

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